Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own a Pair of Boots

Boots are amazing, and one who wears them looks dazzling. For decades, boots were supposed to be masculine footwear, and women (of any profession) never wore them. No companies were manufacturing boots for women except for women in the forces (Army/Navy/Airforce/Marine).

Though the exact year is unknown, in the eighteenth century (the 1790s), some brands started manufacturing boots for females, and the features were also feminine. Tight lacing, pointed toes, and high heels were the features that stood out. By 1815, the fashion industry saw the rise of feminine boots, mostly made for walking (as daywear) and outdoor activities. It soon became functional plus stylish footwear.

If you are wondering why you should buy boots for women, the article will help you with the below-given list.

Reasons for women to own a pair of boots:

Boots are cool, and it goes with several clothing attires. Hence, you must take advantage of it.

A style statement

A pair of boots can be your new style statement, and they will help you stand out from your colleagues/friends. The better you match (style) the boots with your clothes, the better your fashion sense will be. Isn’t it cool to look unique and dashing at the same time? Looking for the perfect pair of shoes? Look no further than! We have a wide selection of shoes to fit any style and every outfit.

Adds a few inches to your height

You may or may not want to look taller, but boots with high heels can help you gain almost four to five inches. If you are tall, you can buy the boots with one or two-inch heels. The boots for women are so versatile that you can adjust your height according to your current date (just kidding).

For those who dislike stiletto

Most women love wearing stilettos to look sexy and taller, but that look comes with unbearable foot pain. If you are not interested in harming your feet for the looks, you can wear the boots for the party, especially if the party is outdoors. Boots can also look classy; you have to find one.

But remember that you cannot wear boots with specific party dresses like skirts, dresses, and a few other types. Boots will go with a pair of pants, jeans, and shorts. You can try more combinations if you can pull it off effortlessly.


If you are looking for comfortable shoes to wear all night, there’s no better option than a pair of boots. As said earlier, if you don’t like stilettos, boots are your friend. Boots are the best option if the party is at your home because you will be the one preparing food and running everywhere to be the perfect host wearing the boots. And you’ll not be relaxing till the last guest leaves; even if you suffer from feet problems like flat feet or plantar fasciitis, you can always add a great pair of inserts to your boots and move comfortably.


You cannot wear the boots with a cocktail dress, or maybe you can. You can wear boots with a dress suit for sure. Corset dress, sequin dress, and oversized trench coat (dress inside) are some of the combinations you can try.

And, of course, pants, jeans and shorts are the standard costumes you can pull off effortlessly. You can wear them casual or even on semi-formal occasions if your company is cool enough to accept versatility.

With these combinations, you will look stunning irrespective of what event or place you go. Make sure that whatever you wear, you have the confidence to pull it off gracefully.

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