Importance of NCERT Exemplar Books for CBSE Board Exams

When it comes to Class 10 and 12 exam preparation, students get confused in deciding the study material which is right for them. To assist students in this aspect, NCERT designed the textbooks and study materials for the students of both primary and secondary levels. Further to add up the analytical thinking, learning skills and problem-solving abilities, NCERT Exemplar Books were designed. These books are present for Maths and Science subjects at the secondary and higher secondary education level.

NCERT Exemplars are practice books that contain extra questions of higher level aptitude to provide the students with in-depth learning. Conceptual sums are present in these books, which are crucial for both board exams and competitive exams. Numerous skill-developing questions, multiple-choice questions and new conceptual questions are present in the textbook. If students find difficulty in answering these questions, NCERT Exemplar Solutions are available online, which can be accessed absolutely free of cost.

Subjects like Maths and Science require a strong foundation of basic concepts and demand regular practice sessions for attaining remarkable results. So to master these subjects, the right study material is very essential. It will help you to crack the board exams with ease and perform well in the competitive exams at the state and national levels.

Why are NCERT Exemplar Books Important?

  1. Provides in-depth knowledge

NCERT Exemplar is designed by subject matter experts after conducting vast research on each concept. Using these books, students will get apt and authentic answers for the complex questions asked in the exams. Each and every minute concept is explained in the most interactive way possible according to the understanding abilities of the students.

  1. Sticks to CBSE syllabus

The books strictly adhere to the CBSE syllabus and guidelines for the academic year. It will help to form a strong base for the exams as the questions are set based on the latest syllabus of the subject.

  1. Numerous practice questions

Even if you put a lot of effort into the subject, you cannot succeed until you solve numerous questions. A wide range of questions will be present at the end of each chapter in the NCERT Exemplar books. To score more marks in the subject, it is advisable to attempt the different questions and understand the method of solving them with ease.

  1. Strong knowledge of basic concepts

In subjects like Maths and Science, students should have a strong knowledge of the basic concepts. Students should avoid mugging up the concepts and have crystal clear knowledge when it comes to exam preparation. So while revising the concepts, students should go through the formulas, theorems and various important methods of solving complex questions.

  1. Best material for board exam preparation

Most of the questions in the board exams are picked from the NCERT books. If a student masters the concepts available in the NCERT Exemplar books, solving the complex questions in the final exams would be an easy task.

NCERT Books are important for students to score good marks in their final exams. Apart from these books, students can also go through the reference books which are prescribed by the CBSE board. Students need not waste their time searching for the correct answers for a particular question. Textbook Solutions, which are available on the internet today, can be accessed by the students for the most accurate answers to the exercise questions.

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