Declutter Your Bathroom, Declutter Your Life!


What exactly do you not require in your bathroom? It’s an excellent question that isn’t typically asked but is essential. You do not want your bathroom to be a cluttered space.

Rather, your restroom ought to be tidy, sleek, and easily navigable for both you and your visitors. Australians are known to value cleanliness, especially in their homes. They like things to be tidy and organised. Australians also like to keep up with the latest trends and renovate their homes accordingly, especially the bathrooms. They like to have the latest bathroom accessories installed in their bathrooms. You can purchase Australian bathroom supplies from B.F.W. if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom.

Regardless of whether you’re

  • Moving into a new property and having to stock up on bathroom essentials,
  • Getting ready for an incoming visitor by equipping your guest washroom,
  • Giving your current bathroom a much-needed makeover;

You need to find out what to leave out while organising your bathroom.

1.    There Are Too Many Towels

Towels are an absolute must-have for your restroom – this is a fact. However, how many of these do you truly require?

A decent general rule is to purchase at least 3 pairs of towels for each person living in your house, plus one pair for guests. If you host many parties or ask large groups of people to live with you, you’ll need to prepare ahead and make sure you have enough towels for everyone.

Decrease the amount of mess in your home – and the quantity of laundry you do — by keeping your collection of towels minimal.

2.    Several Decorations

The restroom is not the spot for your next studio wall or tchotchke gallery, but a few items of decoration now and then won’t harm you.

In general, opting for a more clean aesthetic in your restroom is a wise decision. Stick to simple colours, sharp lines, and minimal clutter.

3.    Storage That Isn’t Required

You can purchase various storage alternatives for your restroom; however, that doesn’t imply you need them.

Instead, resist the temptation to acquire multiple dustbins, tubs, containers, and pouches to store your belongings inside. Is that shelving station above the toilet required unless you don’t have enough under-the-sink space? Most likely not.

4.    Toxic Cleaning Agents

Lastly, keeping harmful cleaning items out of your restroom is a good idea. By changing to all-natural cleansers, you can rest assured that your restroom is clean and hygienic— without the complications associated with harsh chemicals.

Benefits of a Decluttered Bathroom

1.    It’s Easier to Get Dressed in an Organised Bathroom

Do you dislike spending a lot of time getting ready for your day? Keep your bathroom orderly, and you’ll be astonished by how much quicker you can get dressed in the morning.

You could get through your daily routine in a remarkably short time if you aren’t continuously tossing items around and on your bathroom counter or looking for what you need.

To make your days easier, tidy your bathroom.

2.    Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Retreat

Do you enjoy taking a nice bath to unwind at the end of the day? Once you’ve gotten rid of all the unnecessary items from your bathroom, you’ll find it more pleasant.

If you want to create a spa-like atmosphere, getting rid of clutter is a quick way to achieve this.


If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, you need to have some basic essentials and a decluttered space. You can buy minimal Australian bathroom supplies from B.F.W. and organise your bathroom efficiently. Many people use the bathroom to stow all of their personal care goods into whatever area is available. However, as with any area, clutter can distract from your general sense of productivity and produce unnecessary worry.

As a result, follow the steps outlined above to create a clutter-free bathroom and, thereby, a clutter-free life.