Benefits Of Buying Freestanding Tubs

If you want to make the most of your bathroom, you should pick a bathtub you enjoy using. Investing in a standalone tub is a great way to give your bathroom a more luxurious look and feel. The variety of colors and styles available for this type of tub allows it to be a great way to set the space apart Bristan.

Different styles

Freestanding bathtubs would have more design options, which is a plus. Freestanding, unlike drop-in tubs, comes in a far more comprehensive range of designs and sizes. Traditional clawfoot, contemporary square and oval, and earth-friendly soaking tubs are all in this category. Given the range of designs available, freestanding tubs are an excellent option for households with many people.

Possessing a classy appearance and a plush texture

The better quality of construction and materials used in a freestanding tub make it feel and seem more expensive. Superior construction means a more pleasant and restful time in the tub. A freestanding tub is a simple way to make a standard bathroom look far more high-end and costly.

The Price

Standard wisdom holds that freestanding tubs cost twice as much as standard built-in models. However, due to increased production efficiency over the past five years, the price of a standalone bathtub has dropped significantly. Setting up a standalone tub is also less expensive because it may be placed wherever you choose in the bathroom.


Value is considerably more stable with freestanding tubs than with regular tubs. Your home’s worth as an investment has just gone up. This is because freestanding tubs are often considered to be more of a luxury item than standard drop-in tubs.

Efficiency in set-up

Because it doesn’t have to be fitted into a specific recess, setting up a freestanding tub couldn’t be simpler. The bathtub consists of one substantial section; thus, moving it to its new location is easy. The installation is finished if the plumbing is positioned correctly and the tub is level. However, you should know that freestanding tubs, depending on their material, may be rather heavy, so you may need extra help moving them.


A freestanding tub, as was previously said, is not limited to one specific location in the bathroom. This contrasts drop-in bathtubs, which must have a specific installation space cut out for them. Because of this, freestanding bathtubs may be put anywhere, giving them more versatility.

By relocating your tub to a spot near a window, a painting, or some potted plants, you can give your bathroom a new appearance and feel while making it more visually attractive.

Diverse Resources

As the form of freestanding materials must be strong enough to withstand the heating process, better-grade materials are used in their construction. Porcelain, granite, marble, stone resin, and copper are common materials used to construct freestanding bathtubs.

There are many different materials to choose from for a bathtub, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, as well as a distinct effect on the tub’s overall appearance and feel. Also, freestanding tubs are typically less expensive and more versatile because there is a wide variety of materials to choose from.


Most bathtubs come in a timeless white hue since it’s the most universally flattering and easiest to maintain.

A wide range of colours is available for freestanding bathtubs, with black, grey, and white being the most common. White bathtubs go well with light colours like blue, yellow, and green, while darker tones go well with grey or black tubs, so adding more colour options helps to vary the mood and tone of your bathroom.

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