8 Places in California to Visit With Your Kids

If you just moved to California with your family, or you plan to travel around the state with your kids, here’s an article for you. From famous attractions like Disneyland and Legoland to beautiful national parks – California has plenty of family activities to offer. Take a look at our list of 8 places in California to visit with your kids.

Visit San Diego

When speaking of the most kid-friendly cities in California, we must mention San Diego. It is a perfect place to spend a day or a weekend with your kids. First, it’s the home of the famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World. When it comes to attractions for children, this city has them all!

Whether you’re looking for specific attractions or you just want to spend a relaxed day in the city – all you have to do is choose. The city is famous for many beautiful beaches, restaurants, and playgrounds for little ones. So, if you’re looking for places in California to visit with your kids, make sure to put San Diego on your list.

Go to Disneyland

No matter how old your kids are, this is a place you shouldn’t miss out on – it will make your kids happy for sure! The famous Disneyland Resort in California is located in Orange County, and it’s everything you hoped it would be and more. Moreover, you don’t even have to be a child to enjoy this place. Plenty of thrilling rides, real-looking Disney characters, and attractions are just a part of the joy. You might even feel like one day is not enough to explore everything Disneyland has to offer.

Visit the city of Monterey

For families with school-aged kids, this is the place to be. Visiting this city can be a relaxing and educational experience at the same time. You should visit the Bay Aquarium which offers plenty of exhibitions and tours for the kids. Your little ones can see and learn more about penguins, fish, and all kinds of sea creatures.

Besides Bay Aquarium, there are plenty of other things to see. Monterey has various outdoor spaces and activities to enjoy. You can take a ride by the beach and enjoy the scenery or book a hiking tour – it’s all kid-friendly and fun for the entire family. 

Spend a day at Lake Tahoe

No matter the time of the year, Lake Tahoe is one of the best places in California to visit with your kids. During summer, you can enjoy kayaking or rock climbing if you feel adventurous (and your kids are old enough) and take photos of the scenery. But if it’s winter, this is one of the rare places in California where you can enjoy the full potential of the snowy days. Lake Tahoe is a great place for snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating.

Spend a day in Yosemite National Park

The last, but the least interesting California place on our list is Yosemite National Park. You might have heard about it and for a good reason. This is the most beautiful national park in California, and one of the most popular to visit in the US. If you feel adventurous and want to spend time in nature with your kids, this is the place to be.

Yosemite National Park is perfect for hiking, camping, and rock climbing, but it’s also great for enjoying the natural scenery. If you are not sure how to spend time with your kids here, the best thing would be to schedule a tour. Thousands of people visit this area each year and many of them are families. The park is easy to navigate, making it perfect for families with smaller kids.

Spend a weekend in San Francisco

If you haven’t already been to this city, now is your chance! San Francisco is great for spending time with kids. In case you’re planning a move here, make sure to ask professionals to simplify the process of settling in. Once you find your new home and get acquainted with your neighborhood, you will have plenty of attractions to explore.

One of the best attractions in the city is certainly the Golden Gate Bridge. You can spend the entire day just enjoying the view, taking pictures, or taking a walk by the Pacific Ocean. Besides, make sure to check out the most crooked street in the world – in the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood, as well as a ride in one of the city’s famous cable cars.

Check out one of 90 museums in LA

If your family travel brings you closer to Los Angles, your kids will have plenty of attractions to enjoy. For school-age kids, this city has more than 90 museums and plenty of beaches you can spend your day at. Some of the best museums for kids in LA are California Science Center, Discovery Cube, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, The Aquarium of the Pacific, and many more.

Once you get hungry and want to take some rest, this city has more than 30,000 restaurants you can visit. Keep in mind that Los Angeles is a huge city, so you should plan your trip in advance. If you have the time, try spending at least a few days or a week here so you can explore and visit as many attractions as you can. After all, this is one of the most kid-friendly cities in the state and one of the best places in California to visit with your kids.

If you’re planning to move to LA with kids, experts from Zapt Movers California suggest booking assistance ahead of time. This is one of the most popular cities for families, so you should plan your move at least a month ahead of time.

Have you ever been to Legoland?

If you have not, visiting California with kids will be the right time to do it! Legoland has parks all over the world, and it’s a famous attraction for children. The location of this one is beautiful by itself – it’s located in San Diego, only a short walk from the beautiful beach. So if you want to spend an entire day in the city, this is one of the places in California to visit with your kids.

Legoland is an amusement park for children of all ages. It offers interactive rides, roller coasters and play areas for the youngest. A big part of the park stretches along the beach, which is perfect for families with children. 


If you’re ready to explore California with your family, we hope our list served as an inspiration. You should check some of the best places in California to visit with your kids and plan your trip ahead of time. One thing is for certain – this state has plenty to offer to families, and children are more than happy to explore everything it has to offer! 

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