5 Reasons to Buy a 4D Number Plate 

4D number plates are becoming increasingly popular, with car owners looking for a unique way to put a personal stamp on their vehicles. If you are thinking of buying a 4D number plate, either for yourself or as a gift, but you are not entirely sure if they are worth the price tag, then you have come to the right place. 

Read on to discover five reasons why you should buy a 4D number plate. Plus, find out where to get the best deals. 

  1. They are highly visible

One of the most notable features of 4D number plates is that they are easy to read, especially if you buy acrylic number plates that provide a bold and striking look. Designed to make the letters and numbers stand out, a vehicle with this type of plate can help make the roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. 

  1. They are stylish

Not just practical, 4D number plates can add a touch of prestige and sophistication to your vehicle. Popular with car owners of all ages, 4D number plates are highly fashionable, boasting sleek and glossy lettering and a polished finish that is hard to beat. 

  1. They are long-lasting 

4D number plates are highly durable, so they are resistant to general wear and tear. In fact, they are reinforced and manufactured with cutting-edge technology so that they can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. 

  1. They are a good investment 

If you want to buy a number plate as an investment, then you should know that 4D number plates are highly valuable. To make the most money from a personalized number plate, choose a combination that will appeal to a wide demographic and stand the test of time.  

  1. They make great gifts

4D number plates make great gifts for family and friends, with so many different personalized plates to choose from. As mentioned above, these types of plates are more long-lasting than standard ones and are more on trend than ever before, making them a popular choice as gifts for special occasions

Where to buy a 4D number plate?

Many companies sell 4D number plates online, but you must make sure you choose a reputable one that adheres to the rules and regulations surrounding number plates. 

To be legal, a 4D number plate must:

  • Feature a backing that is made from a reflective material
  • Display solid black characters on either a white or yellow background. 
  • Not feature a background pattern. 
  • Not feature a logo or honeycomb pattern.
  • Have characters that are 50mm wide and 79mm tall. 
  • Feature the company name and postcode of the Registered Number Plate supplier in the bottom center of the plate. 

Although you may be tempted to try and save a little extra cash by buying a 4D number plate on a social media selling site, this is risky as they may not meet the legal requirements, and you could face prosecution, so you’re better off buying from a reputable source. 

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