11 Captivating Destinations for a Luxury Getaway

Finding time to indulge yourself doesn’t always come easily. Taking a break from ordinary life to enjoy some luxury can help you to feel better prepared for returning to your responsibilities. Some parts of the world are more able to cater to luxury tastes than others. In no particular order, here are eleven of the most breathtaking places to visit for a taste of luxury.

1. Trondheim, Norway

If you aren’t afraid of the cold, Norway is an excellent luxury destination. Once you have wrapped up in your warmest clothes, head to Trondheim, where you can stay in fantastic accommodation, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, and witness the beauty of the North. Apart from Trondheim itself being a beautiful city, the food culture is exquisite, and the views are unbelievable, especially when the Aurora Borealis appears in the sky.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Since Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, it makes sense that it attracts people seeking out a luxurious getaway. The fresh air compliments the delicious chocolate and cafe culture as well as the elite nightlife. It can be difficult to make sure that your money goes far in this part of the world but the luxurious treats around every corner make up for it.

3. Hawaii, USA

Despite being so remote, Hawaii is one of the world’s most loved sites of natural beauty. It’s easy to feel pampered when the climate is so welcoming and finding the perfect place to stay isn’t difficult. Establishments like Outrigger Resorts are designed with total comfort in mind. Proximity to the stunning blue seas and sandy beaches makes this type of accommodation incredibly luxurious, not to mention the additional amenities. When you have everything you need on top of unforgettable surroundings, it’s difficult not to feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury.

4. Paris, France

It may seem like an obvious and perhaps even cliched inclusion on this list, but Paris is undeniably a luxury destination. If you choose the right hotel and research the best places to eat, you will have an unforgettable luxury experience in this glittering city. See the world-famous sights and take in the charming streets or venture further out of the city to enjoy the tranquil countryside.

5. Monaco

If your idea of luxury involves more shopping and material indulgence, there’s nowhere better than Monaco. This exclusive setting benefits from the Mediterranean climate and boasts amazing views over the sea. You can spend time in the glitzy malls or glamorous casinos, rubbing shoulders with some of the richest people in the world. Since a significant percentage of the population of Monaco are millionaires, it makes sense that the facilities and accommodations are so highly luxurious.

6. Dubai, UAE

For a concentrated dose of luxury, Dubai is the place to go. The tailored experiences designed to give every luxury-seeker exactly what they want are countless. From personal shoppers to supercar tours, Dubai caters to some of the wealthiest people in the world and their distinctive tastes. Choose a relaxing lounge with a view of the whole city to enjoy your fine wine and excellent dining. Just make sure to keep yourself comfortable in the intense heat.

7. Highlands, Scotland

Although Scotland is better known for its rainy weather than its luxury, there are plenty of hidden gems worth investigating if you want to plan a truly indulgent trip. For example, outside the small town of Auchterarder, the five-star Gleneagles Hotel waits to welcome luxury-seeking guests from all over the world. Its sprawling grounds and immaculate building are home to fine dining, recreational activities, and fantastic spa facilities for a pampering experience. The rolling hills and natural beauty make the Highlands a rare luxury attraction.

8. New York, USA

For such a densely populated city, New York still manages to carve out sections for people on the hunt for exclusivity and luxury. High-end hotels offer bespoke service to their guests, and it isn’t difficult to stumble across an opulent restaurant or lavish bar. As with all the cities in this list, New York has fantastic shopping opportunities with designer stores and personal shoppers for the luxury-seeker who wants to dress their best in one of the fashion capitals of the world.

9. Lake Como, Italy

The dramatic views at Lake Como are just one reason this location has become so incredibly popular with those in need of a little luxury. If you want to push yourself and meet new challenges, the hiking and natural landscape make for the ideal outdoor adventure. Reward your efforts in one of the many luxury resorts and soak up the picturesque images of beautiful streets and impressive mountains.

10. London, England

For a luxury getaway in the city, look no further than England’s capital. London is so densely packed that, if you visit the right areas, you will be hard-pressed to ignore the abundance of luxury available to visitors. Five-star hotels, world-class restaurants, rooftop bars, secret clubs, and so much more are waiting for the guest who wants to blend luxury with thrills and excitement.

11. Cairo, Egypt

Sometimes luxury isn’t just about how physically comfortable you can feel or how attentive the service is. In Cairo, once you venture out of your hotel, you can take a private tour of the most impressive historical sites in the world. The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are such unique and important cultural monuments that having the chance to see them first-hand is itself a luxury experience.

When searching for a luxury getaway, it’s worthwhile taking the time to research different locations until you find somewhere that speaks to you. Luxury means something different depending on who you ask, so follow your own preferences and listen to your gut. Perhaps you feel most luxurious when indulging at a spa or browsing elegant stores. Maybe luxury is the freedom to explore a new place with unparalleled natural beauty. Hopefully, this list of amazing destinations has inspired you to find somewhere that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life.

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