10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Gizmos

Shopping for gifts is not always an easy task. Especially when you are shopping for loved ones who you cannot afford to disappoint. Fathers have spent their entire lives taking care of our every desire. Whether we wanted something fancy to eat or insisted on getting the latest gaming console, our fathers always came through for us.

And now when Father’s Day is almost upon us, we have the perfect opportunity to get them something nice for the occasion. Though, if you are having a hard time figuring out what to get him, we have got your back.

We have gathered some neat tech gift ideas that your father is bound to fall in love with. Have a look at them below and take your pick.

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 5th Gen

Almost every home has an Apple tablet lying around. And if your dad is often found tapping on his iPad, then this is the perfect gift for him. Designed for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th Generation, the Magic Keyboard keeps your dad from the struggle to use the touchscreen keyboard on the iPad.

With this neat accessory, your father would easily be able to do his office work without having to take out his laptop. The Magic Keyboard may easily be mounted on the iPad while keeping the necessary ports free for other accessories.

Ember Mug2

All dads love their morning cup of Joe; there is no doubt about it. But when the coffee goes cold, there is nothing worse than that. Luckily, you could get your dad the Ember Mug2, the perfect smart mug that can keep the coffee hot while he is getting ready in the morning.

The mug comes in three different colors and two different sizes, all of which offer cool features like indicating smart LED for the temperature, long battery life, auto sleeping, and several customizing features.

BingeBank Wireless Charger

Chances are that your dad has multiple devices on him that frequently need to be charged. Be it his laptop, cellphone, tablet, or anything else. And instead of needing a wall socket when the batteries die, he should have a handy tool to juice them up.

Thus, the BingeBank Wireless Charger is the solution for that. The device is primarily a power bank with a 10,000mAh capacity and does not need any cables to charge the compatible devices. And it can easily and quickly charge several Apple and Android devices for your dad on the go.

Roku® Streaming Stick®

Dads usually love watching TV on their days off. And while their cable TV channel lineups do offer rich entertainment, they can only do so much. What your dad needs is the Roku® Streaming Stick®.

This seemingly small and simple device holds a plethora of exciting entertainment possibilities. Whether your dad likes TV shows, movies, or live TV, the device can help with all of it. Though, he would need a little help from high-speed internet service to enjoy the content in 4K. And that may easily be facilitated by services such as AT&T internet.

Arcade1Up Arcade Machine

The current generation of parents probably spent their childhood playing various iconic games in arcades. And chances are that your dad was one of them. And there rarely can be a better gift for him other than an actual arcade game machine from the 80s. This nostalgic gift has the power to take your dad down memory lane where he can revisit the joy of playing gems like Pac-Man, Mario, and countless others.

Therabody Wave Solo Portable Massage Ball

Do you often find your dad complaining of being tired or having pain in different parts of the body? While he may be fit as a horse, he does get tired sometimes. And the Therabody Wave Solo Massage Ball can help him with those pains.

This amazing ball uses smart vibration technology to deliver precise pressures on specific parts of the body and further reduces the tension in those areas. And it can surely help your dad massage his back which he could not have easily accessed on his own.

Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller

If your dad loves gaming, then you definitely ought to check this beauty out by Razer. The Razer Kishi is a universal gaming controller that facilitates mobile gaming. This neat contraption easily attaches to iPhones, thus providing easier control over gaming maneuvers. Once your dad gets used to analog thumbsticks and the low-latency gameplay that this gaming controller offers, we doubt that he will ever return to mobile gaming without a controller.

Glo® Pure Bottle

Your dad needs to stay hydrated all the time to spend the day healthily. So, you have to make sure that he gets proper water intake, and that too in a bottle that cleans itself. The Glo® Pure Bottle is a remarkable smart bottle that keeps away any and all odors when you forget to wash the bottle.

The bottle is powered by self-cleaning UV technology that kills most of the bacteria inside the bottle. And since it is made from 100% BPA-free stainless, the bottle keeps the liquids inside at their ideal temperatures.

Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses

No more would your father need to carry his headphones separately. Now, his sunglasses can be his headphones as well. As the name suggests as well, these are Bluetooth-powered audio sunglasses that have speakers built right in them.

Since the speakers are placed on the sides of the frame, your dad will also stay aware of the surroundings while enjoying his favorite tunes. Moreover, his ears won’t hurt either since there is nothing plugged in them for long hours.

ZUS® Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

All dads love their cars; everyone knows that. And when that precious possession of theirs is hurt, dads feel the pain inside. Fortunately, you can help them ease the pain of their precious car. This sensational gadget attaches to your dad’s car and tracks any performance issues in the car. Moreover, your dad can easily check up on the car’s condition with the dedicated app on their smartphone take measures accordingly. Trust us, this is a gift that you do not want to ignore.

In a Nutshell

While some of these gifts may be a little over your budget, going over those budgets will be worth the expense. So, take your pick from the list above and surprise your dad this Father’s Day.

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