Your Long-distance Relationship Will Fail Unless You Do These

If you are considering a long-distance relationship or even in it, you should know it is definitely a challenge. You two have so many difficulties to overcome, and there are people around you against it, so it is important for you to know how to survive it.

4 Tips On Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Obviously, the point of long distance is to come back together, but sometimes because of covert or other reasons, you do get stuck apart. In this article, I want to give you first-hand experience in my own relationship that’s really worked to keep myself and my partner together.

Equal Effort

Long-distance relationships take extra effort than any relationship in my personal opinion. So it can not be one-sided, one person can’t be the one that’s always making the phone calls, Face Time or Skype meetings. If one person is making all the efforts, it is going to become obvious soon and feelings will get hurt, so make sure that you guys have an equal amount of effort if you want it to work because it’s not going to work. Take my own story for example, my girlfriend usually orders takeaway for me, so I surprise her with her favorite troll dolls. I bought those toys online, and she really loved them! If your loved one has the same hobby of collecting troll toys, you can consider choosing some cute toys for her!

Have A Clear Vision Or Understanding Of Your Future Plans

If one of you is located in Japan and one of you is in England, and you both know that you will never ever leave those places, it’s probably not the best idea for you to get into a long-distance relationship with that other person. You need to have that idea of whether you are flexible or the other person is flexible, because if both of you have no plans of ever uprooting your lives to be with another person, then there’s no point even trying a long-distance relationship.

Decide To Trust

Now a lot of people talk about the trust issues with long-distance relationships, but let me be clear to you, you could be next-door neighbors with your significant other, and they can cheat on you just as easily. So it really does not matter where they are, it’s really about the person, so you have to just let yourself be all in with it or forget      about it if you’re someone that cannot handle that. And if you know you’ll be jealous or insecure then maybe a long-distance relationship isn’t for you, so make sure you have a good understanding of this before you get into it, because you don’t want to drive yourself crazy with it and turn into a little psychopath, and you don’t want to drive that person crazy either. So you have to decide to either trust or just forget it, because if someone’s going to cheat on you or lie to you, they can do that anywhere in the world including next door to you.

Foster Friendship

A study from the bureau of economic research found that partners who consider their spouse their best friend are more than twice as happy in their relationship, and I can now back that up from personal experience. From my own experience, my partner is not someone I had the most chemistry with, there are absolutely women I have had more chemistry with. But chemistry is something we’ve built through friendship, and that’s what’s made it a lot healthier, so fostering friendship really an important key to succeeding long distance.


That are all my tips for having a successful long-distance relationship. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.

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