Why is canvas stretching important?

Do you know Melbourne’s commercial photographer prices are 2% above the AU national average? In 2022, for a 1-hour commercial shoot in Melbourne, the average price you need to pay the photographer was approximately $508. A moderate 2-hour commercial shoot costs $813, and for a 4-hour shoot, $1422. So when you spend a significant amount of money for a particular shoot, it becomes obvious to ensure that the art is displayed appropriately and supports the print’s longevity. Therefore, you must go for canvas stretching in Melbourne. Canvas stretching, as the name suggests, is the stretching of the canvas. It is done with stretcher bars which allow the framers to seal in the edges of the images and even stretch the image over the edges, thus creating a stunning effect.

If you are an artist or a professional photographer, you better know the difference between stretched canvas and unstretched canvas and how it affects the quality of your piece. Besides pricing, one key difference is that stretched canvas is framed and ready to hang, whereas unstretched canvas can be rolled, giving you the freedom to plan the framing and mounting. Moreover, it is considered an attractive way to showcase your artworks or pictures in your home or gallery. It ensures that your masterpiece is exposed entirely, unlike any other traditional frame that somewhat hides the image. 

Benefits of canvas stretching

No loosening

The main advantage of the professionally stretched canvas is that they don’t get loose. You must have heard from artists that they had to tighten their canvas on their show after reaching the event venue. This happens when you haven’t got your canvas stretched properly and stapled securely to the back. Ideally, you should have at least 45-50mm of extra space from the edge of the canvas to the edge of your paintings to give enough room for the canvas to be stretched around the stretcher bar.

Protects quality of the artwork

Over time, the canvas could lose its shape, and this eventually degrades the image painted on the canvas. This is where canvas stretching services in Melbourne come into play. It gives your painting a definite structure so that the canvas does not slip or wrinkle over the years and retains its quality. With professional quality canvas stretching, you can rest assured that your artwork will be preserved for years.

Ready to hang

Another critical benefit of canvas stretching is that once your canvas is stretched over a stretcher bar, you can leave it like this and hang it on the wall. You don’t necessarily need to add a picture frame around the canvas; however, you can add a frame if you want to. 

Easy to use

No doubt, working on a stretched canvas is easier. Many artists prefer painting on a stretched surface. Thanks to the canvas stretching companies in Melbourne that have made stretched canvases ready-made available. Plus, they come with a pre-built primer, which saves the artists a lot of time to achieve the desired surface.

Should you stretch your canvas?

Though it is usually more economical to stretch your canvas, canvas stretching is a form of art that needs to be attempted by professional framers to achieve perfection. If you have the skills, tools, equipment, and most importantly, the space needed to spread the canvas, you can try it yourself. However, it is advisable to opt for professional canvas stretching in Melbourne if you don’t want to compromise the quality of your canvas. Canvas stretching services are not as expensive and time-consuming as people think. Several companies are offering high-quality services at affordable prices. 

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