Voluntourism: How Can It Benefit You?

A relatively new trend in the world of travel, voluntourism offers a way to make traveling more meaningful. 

Perfect for anyone who loves to explore new places and make a difference in the world, there are so many amazing benefits to this way of traveling. 

From the opportunity to enjoy an authentic travel experience to the chance to change your perceptions of the world, read on to find out everything there is to know about voluntourism and how it can benefit you. 

What exactly is voluntourism? 

As briefly mentioned above, voluntourism, also known as responsible travel, is a type of travel that combines experiencing a new place and culture with giving something back.

There are many different types of volunteer vacations that you can choose from, such as volunteering at an orphanage in Thailand or helping to teach in Tanzania. You can find out more about the best volunteer abroad programs by searching online. 

What are the benefits of voluntourism?

If you have already tried making a charitable donation or organizing fundraisers, but you feel like you want to do more, voluntourism may be a perfect way forward for you.

Some of the most notable benefits of voluntourism are as follows: 

A more authentic travel experience 

If you are fed up with visiting all the usual tourist hotspots that are overcrowded and underwhelming, volunteering in a local community will enable you to explore places off the beaten track. 

As you get to know the locals, you will soon start to discover all the hidden gems that are not in any of the travel guides. 

A chance to upskill 

The job market is fierce, so any chance you have to add to your skill set, you should take it. When you book a volunteering trip, you will have the opportunity to learn a whole host of new skills and undergo many new experiences. 

If you have a specific sector that you want to work in, such as teaching or healthcare, try to find a volunteering program that is connected to this, as this will help you to gain valuable skills in your chosen industry. 

A way to enhance your emotional intelligence 

When you partake in an immersive volunteering experience, you have the opportunity to communicate with people from different cultures, often those who are less fortunate than you. This requires empathy and a higher level of emotional intelligence, both of which are important in building good character and being successful in life. 

Volunteering can also test your patience at times, which is another vital life skill. 

Change your perspective of the world 

Most people lead fairly sheltered lives, which can limit their perspective of the world. However, when you visit local communities in places such as Africa and Asia, you get to experience a whole new way of living, which can fundamentally change who you are as a person. 

You will come away with new knowledge, new experiences, and maybe even a new-found lust for life. 

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