Uniphore raised 140M in Series 210M RaiBloomberg

Uniphore announced raising 140 million USD from Series D funding. The company is an old leader from Conservational Service Automation, whose total invested funds are 210 million USD. The recent round of finances was managed by Sorenson Capital Partners.

This adds new investors from the Middle East and Europe, like Cisco Investments, Sanabil Investments and Serena Capital. Expanding their prior investments in Uniphore, National Grid Partners, March Capital Partners, Iron Pillar Fund, Sistema Capital and Chiratae Ventures also took part in the offers.

This new funding is the largest in Uniphore, which will be used to improve their technology, marketing leadership of AI, Machine learning, and Automation, throughout the enterprise. The focus will be on video-based AI applications, from Uniphore’s accession of Emotional Research Labs, along with applications based on Trust, RPA and security markets.

Rob Rueckert’s appointment from being the managing partner of Sorenson Capital Partners to the Board of Directors of Uniphore was also announced. Mr. Rueckert is an experienced executive who focuses on technology and brings a stable background in growth as well as product innovation.

Uniphore has used the opportunity of accelerating digital transformation markets and declared many strategic partners and customers. This move helps the company to empower and build millions of customer engagements, using its excellent artificial intelligence and automation software. Their solutions help businesses in managing and analyzing engagements, with a better customer experience, and achieving profitable outcomes.

According to Umesh Sachdev, the CEO and co-founder of Uniphore, there is a great demand for intelligent and automated solutions of new business models, given the huge digital transformation occurring throughout the enterprise. He said that they had this vision long ago, and hence, they are delivering innovative elements in fields like contact centers, to ensure better experiences for the customer. Umesh claimed that the recent accessions of Uniphore in video AI technology and RPA have made him confident about delivering a platform for conservational service automation by themselves, across video and voice-based engagements. He also said the capital and the addition to their board leadership is going to help them grow, compete and dramatically improve their business through better customer experiences.

The company expects to raise 100 million USD in ARR in fiscal 2022, after a forecast of continual growth in immense numbers. They have won significant contracts with several reputed insurance companies, telecom providers and financial service companies. They also have deals with customer experience providers like NTT DATA, Tech Mahindra, Sitel, WNS and Firstsource, which can support over 75,000 customer service agents, who work on about 160 million engagements per month. They are extending their team as well. The Uniphore CFO, Stephane Berthier, confirms considerable growth with 1.15 million employees globally. She also hopes for betterment in the market opportunity because of increased focus on digital customer service and agent support.

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