Tips on Getting Lower Rates for Memphis Car Shipping

Car shipping takes a big burden off your back when it comes to long-distance travel. If you leave your four-wheeler to professional carriers rather than embark on a multi-day road trip, you will save a lot of time and money. Plus, you won’t be stressed out because the transportation company will deliver your vehicle quickly and safely to the desired address.

Shippers make money on vehicle hauling, so in case you need Memphis car shipping, you have to pay for this service. Of course, the final price depends on the location distance, the vehicle size, and the type of service. But regardless of the amount you have to pay, you can always find a way to negotiate lower rates.

Shop Around

This is probably the best way to find out how much Memphis carriers charge for their services. Their rates generally don’t vary too much, as shippers generally maintain good business practices by not discriminating against other companies with extremely low fees. If you come across some rock-bottom prices, don’t rush, as these are often not true or imply a scam.

By shopping around, you can save several tens and even hundreds of dollars on car transportation. For example, one company may have one price for a specific destination. Another shipper may have a better offer because it can carry more vehicles and takes a more economical route.

In any case, it’s always good to get multiple quotes to compare them. Make sure these come from reputable Memphis carriers, so whichever one you decide on, you won’t go wrong. Of course, there are a few more things to keep in mind before you decide on a shipper, but the price is a placeholder.

Good Timing

During the summer months, car shipping companies in Memphis are very busy. People use the good weather to move or go on vacation, and that’s when they most often need vehicle transportation services. Then, the shipping rates are higher than when the demand for these services is lower.

In winter, even the more popular transportation routes are less busy, so carriers lower prices to attract clients. See here how seasonality affects shipping rates.

If you’re flexible about the drop-off and delivery date, you can hire a car shipping broker. Apart from the fact that they will research and check shippers for you, they can find the most favorable offers for the desired destinations long before you do. Sometimes, it can be already the next day, in case carriers have a few more slots to fill before hitting the road.

And by making an early reservation, your savings can add up. In that case, choose companies that offer lock-in rates, that is, the price you agreed upon when booking is the price you pay for the shipping. It might take some time to find carriers with this option, but it’s worth it, even when you need to transport your car during the peak season.

Choose Terminal Delivery and Open Transport

Memphis shipping companies offer door-to-door service, which is really useful when you can’t drive your four-wheeler to and from the terminal. But that convenience comes with a hefty price tag, so if you can, strive for a more favorable shipping option, which is terminal-to-terminal.

Reputable Memphis carriers have designated terminals for vehicle drop-off and delivery on the main transportation routes. Very often, it pays more to go there than to have a courier deliver the car to your address. Of course, provided it doesn’t take too much time and disrupt your plans.

Also, shipping in open trailers is more budget-friendly than enclosed transport. The latter offers additional protection to your vehicle and is a good solution if you transport expensive or rare cars. But when you haul your 15-year-old family pick-up, a slot in an open trailer can save you hundreds of dollars.

Know Which Car to Ship

When you have several vehicles, you can decide to ship just some of them and thus save a few bucks. For example, if you have a pick-up and a sedan, the latter should go on a trailer, while you can leave the pick-up and drive it to the new location. In this way, shipping will cost less because the smaller vehicle takes up less space in the truck.

Inspect the Car before Shipping

Carriers only ship vehicles. There’s no room for personal stuff, valuables, and household items in your four-wheeler. No shipping company provides insurance for these. In fact, you might face higher shipping rates as any of these can add up to your car’s weight.

Tips on preparing your four-wheeler for transportation are on the link below:

Planning vehicle hauling in advance can feel good on your budget. By shopping around for Memphis carriers, being flexible with shipping dates, and preparing your vehicle before dropping it off, you can enjoy the convenience of this service and save a lot.

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