This is why Sacramento is so prone to flooding

Any local living in the laid-back beach of California knows all too well how frequent and increasingly more often floods are draining the state. It known to be the most high-risk zone for floods. 

Sacramento specifically is a highly prone area in the center of the valley of the state that is far too familiar with heavy rain storms, recurring floods from the plains, and then some.

A professional water damage restoration in Sacramento, sees tons of houses, public venues, businesses, farms, and everything else that locals live this horrific nightmare way too often. 

Why Sacramento is surrounded by hazardous locations

  1. Sacramento intertwined with rivers, valleys, and streams that are a haven for rainstorms and river floods.
  2. The city travels between 2 major rivers, The American river and the Sacramento river with all damages of floods that end up in the plains.
  3. There are 6 other small rivers that play their part as well to provide a drainage system to all locals and businesses.
  4. Many security factors of protection with dams and levees help but are still prone to damage and leave properties and homes at risk of flooding damage. 
  5. Properties that experience more floods than other towns and areas are closer to a river and drainage system.

Handy ideas that could help lessen your chances of recurring floods

Sacramento has many great qualities and an inviting charm to become a resident and spend life more relaxed and laid back. However, the risks that come with it cannot taken lightly. 

To have a plan always, emergency and evacuation is part of the local responsibility, but what if there are some ways to help your family and yourself experience much less headache from floods? 

Great tips to consider: 

  • Elevating your home so the higher you are, the less chance of being underwater
  • Consistent maintenance indoors and outdoors to waterproof and seal all points of entry
  • A temporary shield around home
  • Installation of drain plug on the floor, a standpipe, an overhead sewer, and a backup valve to help prevent a clogged and backed up sewer and floods

With all precautions taken into account, the city of Sacramento has agencies and hotline services that have protocols and strategies to help the community of Sacramento and help. Doing what they can to assist, and if things need to be taken further with possible grants for bigger action to be made. 

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