How to Style Men’s Designer Necklaces

There’s something about a good necklace that makes men look tough and rugged. They tend to be less showy than women’s jewelry and should look natural—like a piece you’ve been wearing for years. The right chain length can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips for styling your men’s designer necklaces to take your look to the next level.

Keep It Simple

Men’s jewelry is different from women’s. For starters, guys don’t wear “costume jewelry” – the big chunky necklaces with rows of jewels that ladies often wear with evening gowns. That’s strictly female fashion. Instead, guys wear jewelry that complements and adds flair to their outfits. The best way to do this is by keeping things simple. A basic chain is a timeless accessory that goes with almost any ensemble, from casual to elegant. Additionally, many metals are available for you to select from, including gold, silver, and stainless steel. Just make sure to keep your jewelry clean so that it doesn’t tarnish or dull over time.

Another simple option is a choker. A choker is a tight band around the neck, usually featuring ornaments or designs at regular intervals. It’s a popular style in hip-hop and surfer culture, but it can be worn by men too. Choker necklaces are typically made from leather or hemp and have a natural feel that can be paired with various styles. For a more sophisticated look, try a silver-laden necklace. It features a lobster clasp fastening and a pendant shaped like the fruit of an oak tree. This style is ideal for wearing with off-duty workwear pieces in earthy tones. Remember to leave the tie at home when paired with your suit and unbutton the first button to show off more of your necklace.

Match It With Your Outfit

If you want your men’s necklace to work, it must match your outfit’s colors. This rule applies to all clothing items, but necklaces are especially important. Even a simple silver chain can look off if it’s the only piece of jewelry in your outfit that doesn’t coordinate with your shirt or tie. For example, a black leather cord necklace with a blue t-shirt can give your outfit a monochrome look that’s not very stylish. Instead, look for a neutral leather or rope necklace that will blend in and add a relaxed vibe to your outfit. You can pair a chain with a more casual piece, like a denim jacket. Ensure the necklace is short enough or will show through your jacket. If you’re wearing a jacket with a high collar, opt for a necklace at least 20 inches long so it will be concealed when your shirt is unbuttoned. While you may be tempted to wear more than one necklace, it’s best to wear at most three at a time. Overcrowding your neck with heavy, thick chains can quickly overpower your look. Choose 2-3 necklaces in varying thicknesses and lengths for maximum effect. To help you find the perfect color combination, check out various apps that show you which colors will match your wardrobe.

Make It Statement

Men who like to make a statement with their style should consider bolder, more eye-catching men’s designer necklaces. These can be in the form of pendants or chains. If you go with a pendant, try something with a strong shape, like a cross or a coin. Alternatively, you could opt for a chain with a large, masculine clasp or a simple cable chain. The important thing is that the pendant or chain is a manageable size so that it overpowers your outfit.

The shortest necklaces for men are often called chokers and are designed to sit close to the neck. They can look great, but be careful to choose one that is tight enough and comfortable. Choker necklaces can also clash with formal shirts. If you want to wear a necklace with a formal shirt, go for a longer necklace in a metal like silver or gold. If you want to wear more than one necklace, keep the colors of your rings and watch in mind. It can look jarring to have three different-colored necklaces in the same outfit. The thickness of the necklace also matters. A too-dainty chain can appear feminine, while a too-thick chain will look overwhelming. A chain that is between 6-10 mm is ideal.

Have Fun

A men’s necklace can easily take your look to the next level. Whether you’re going for a minimalist silver chain or a more sentimental pendant, there’s sure to be a style that suits your personality. Try layering leather, rope and beaded styles together for a casual look or wear your favorite solid gold Cuban link chain with a t-shirt and jeans. The simplest and most common way to wear a necklace is with a shirt. The type of shirt you choose can influence your overall look and how others perceive it. For example, if you’re wearing a simple necklace with no pendant, avoid a shirt with a pattern or busy print, as this can distract from the necklace and take away from its style and elegance.

Another thing to keep in mind is the neckline of your shirt. A shirt with a high collar will work best with a long necklace or a choker-style design. On the other hand, a low-collar shirt can also be worn with shorter necklaces.

In addition to remembering the tips above, remember to have fun styling your men’s necklaces! Any clothing can be improved with the correct jewelry, boosting your confidence. So experiment with different lengths, materials and styles to find a look that’s unique to you.

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