How to Organise Your Allen and Hex Keys

A well-organised toolbox can make a big difference to your workflow, helping you optimise workplace productivity and achieve higher-quality professional results. 

When it comes to organising your Allen keys and hex keys, it’s important to consider the best ways to protect your tools from damage or loss. This way, you can maintain an efficient storage system for years to come!

Looking for organisation tips to help you look after your Allen and hex keys? Keep these ideas in mind!

Why storage matters

For all tools, proper storage is the key to ensuring longevity. The more effectively you store your tools, the better you’ll be able to look after them, preventing tools from becoming lost or damaged soon after purchase. 

Similarly, effective system systems can help you maintain a more efficient and productive work process. By organising your tools, you can easily find them when you need them. This will save you time and stress on the job! 

Fortunately, creating an organisational system doesn’t have to be a challenge. Even system organisation strategies can help you improve your workflow and take care of your tools. 

Sort by size

One way to sort your Allen and hex keys is by size! Using this system, you’ll order your Allen keys chronologically, starting with the smallest and working your way up to the largest. Base your size order on the overall key design or on the fasteners that keys are made to work with.

By storing your Allen and hex keys in size order, you can create a visually clear system that helps you find the tools you need at a glance. By simple scanning your tool kit, you’ll be able to see the keys you’re looking for, as well as notice any lost or broken items.  

Categorise by use

Alternatively, you can categorise Allen and hex keys based on use and project applications. Using this system, you’ll arrange keys based on how frequently you use them and what projects you use them to facilitate. 

A category-based organisation can be a helpful way to improve the functionality of your storage system. By placing frequently used Allen keys in easy-to-reach spots, you can save time digging through your tool kit, and immediately locate the items you need. 

Protect from damage

Finally, when setting up a storage system for any tools, it’s important to consider the potential for damage and how you can avoid it. By creating an organisation system that guards against damage, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements, helping your tools stand the test of time. 

When placing Allen and hex keys in your tool kit, look for hazards, such as exposure to the elements or contact with other damaging tools. Always aim to place Allen keys in a dry location where they won’t collide with other items. This way, you’ll know that your keys are safe from damage risks.  

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