How To Ensure That Your Glasses Fit You?

As people who try eyeglasses, the process of determining whether your eyewear actually does fit you or not can be a tricky question. Do your eyeglasses fit your eyes as well as your face and your whole style? Are you aware that measuring devices like the pd ruler are used to ensure that the eyes are properly placed in between the lenses of the eyeglasses? Find out below how you can ensure the fit of your eyeglasses.

What are the Ways to Ensure that Your Eyeglasses Fit You Correctly?

Determine your face width

The first thing that you should determine is your face width. This is identified because it will be the initial look that people will be seeing when they talk with you. Your eyeglasses should fit nicely to the width of your face.

To determine this, you must look in the mirror and try out a pair of eyeglasses. The frames of the eyeglasses should not extend too far from the temples of your face. If they do, it means that the eyeglasses are too big for you.

The downside with eyeglasses that are too big for you is that your eyes are not placed right in the middle of the lenses. This translates to possible difficulty in moving your eyes to look at different sections of your vision.

Determine the frame measurements

You must also determine the measurements of your frame. With this, you must take note of the lens width, the bridge width, and the temple length. The lens width refers to the distance of the lens from one side to the next. The bridge width, on the other hand, is the distance between the two lenses in between your nose. The temple length is the length of distance between the tip of the handle and the hinge of the eyeglasses.

You can ask the assistance of the store personnel for feedback regarding the eyeglasses frame that you are wearing. If you are buying online, you need to have a proper measurement of your head so that you can determine if the eyeglasses fit you nicely.

Use a pupillary distance ruler

The PD rule or Pupillary Distance ruler is a kind of measuring device that determines the size between the two pupils. Knowing this seemingly minute detail will help you see if the eyeglasses are designs that will fit well. For those people who have a big rating on their prescription ask the help of the eyeglass technician for the right eyeglasses.

You can also have a printed pd ruler so that you can measure the distance between your two eyelids. You can use the binocular PD if you aim for the length between the two pupils. Another option would be to choose the monocular pupillary distance. This means making measurements from the nose bridge to each side of the eyes. 

Understand your face shape

Your face shape may also determine the right fit for your glasses. You must identify the shape of your head and buy the eyeglasses that will fit you nicely. Faces with angles can use eyeglasses that have oval or round shapes. Faces with softer angles can have sharper faces.


It can be quite amazing to find out about the lengths that eye technicians go to so that they can give customers the right glasses that fit them. Even a pd ruler is used so that the pupillary distance is measured so that the pupils are right in between the lenses of the glasses without any needed adjustment. When you are trying to get new eyeglasses for yourself, make sure to check the right measurements and try them on for a few weeks so that you can determine the right fit for you. 

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