Dog Boarding – The Benefits And Why You Should Book Now

Boarding your dog can be a fun and bonding experience for you and your furry friend. But what about the dogs? Are they getting the care they need while away from their families?

In this article, we will explore the benefits of dog boarding and why you should book now if you’re looking to provide your dog with the best possible care. We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the right boarding service for you and your dog. Ready to board your furry friend this summer? Check out our blog for more information!

What are the benefits of dog boarding?

There are endless benefits of dog boarding, both for you and your pet. Some of the key reasons to book now include:

1. Improved Behavior: Dog boarding can improve your pet’s behavior in a number of ways. By providing them with a designated area where they can spend time without you, it can help them to become more obedient and calm. They may also start to feel less anxious and stressed, which can lead to improved mental health.

2. Increased Safety: Dogs who board often tend to be safer than those who stay home alone. This is because they are in a controlled environment where they know what to expect and there are always people around should something go wrong. Plus, if there is an emergency or something comes up while your pet is away, someone will be able to take care of them quickly and efficiently.

3. Reduced Stress For You: Staying connected with your pet during their boarding experience can be incredibly stressful for both of you. By having them boarded, you can take some of the pressure off by knowing that they are safe and comfortable. In addition, when you get the chance to visit them regularly during their stay, it will make the transition back into your home much easier for both of you.

4. Convenient And Affordable: Boarding offers a convenient way to keep your pet safe and healthy while you’re away – it’s also one of the most affordable forms of pet care out there! If you’re planning on traveling for an extended period of time, dog boarding may be the best option for you and your pet.

The best time to book your dog boarding reservation

If you’re anything like most dog owners, you love your canine companion and would do anything to keep them safe and comfortable. That’s why dog boarding is such a popular option — it allows you to can travel with your pet while they’re in good hands. But which time of year is the best time to book your reservation? Here are some reasons to make a booking now:

1. Winter: In the cooler months, dogs stay warm and contented indoors more easily than during warmer weather. This means that boarding facilities can accommodate more pets per day, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Plus, there’s always something fun (and freezing) waiting at ski resorts, dog-friendly beaches, or anywhere else winter has a hold!

2. Spring & Summer: If summertime isn’t your favorite season, chances are good that your dog will too. High temperatures can be stressful for dogs and exhaust them; moreover, many people prefer not to deal with pesky mosquitoes during these months. So if booking in advance seems like a pain, consider thinking about taking your pet on vacation in the fall instead!

3. Holiday Breaks: Everyone loves getting away from work for a few days during the Christmas holiday or Easter week-end; why not do it with furry family members too? While most animal shelters close for major holidays (New Year’s Day being one notable exception), many dog boarding facilities remain open so that you can take your pet wherever you go.

4. Reduced Rates: Many dog boarding facilities offer a reduced rate for reservations made well in advance. This way, you can avoid the high prices common during peak season.

There’s no one right answer to this question, as it depends on your region and the types of boarding facilities available. But if you’re considering booking your dog boarding in Chapel Hill reservation soon, these reasons should help you decide when would be the best time for you!

How to choose the right dog boarding facility for your pet

Boarding your dog can be a great way to have them stay away from home while you’re away, or to keep them entertained and occupied while you’re at work. However, not all boarding facilities are created equal, and it can be hard to know which one is right for your pet.

To choose the best boarding facility for your needs, consider the following:

-The type of dog that will be boarding: Some facilities are designed specifically for large dogs or breeds of dogs that are prone to being destructive. Others are more accommodating to puppies or small dogs.

-The amount of space your dog will need: Many boarding facilities provide multiple rooms for dogs to sleep in and play in. Be sure to confirm how many kennels each room accommodates.

-The cost: Boarding rates vary greatly depending on the size and type of dog, as well as the location of the boarding facility. Be sure to compare rates before making a decision.

Once you’ve chosen the best boarding facility for your pet, be sure to book a reservation as soon as possible! Your pet will thank you for taking care of them during your absence!

What are some of the benefits of dog boarding?

When you book your dog boarding with a reputable and experienced kennel, you’re giving them the best possible care. Here are some of the benefits of dog boarding:

1. Mental stimulation: When your dog is stuck in a house all day, they can start to get bored and develop behavioral problems. Dog boarding allows them to go outside and play with other dogs, which will help keep their minds active and prevent them from becoming destructive or destructive in nature.

2. Physical exercise: Many kennels offer specific activities for dogs during their stay, such as playing fetch or going for a walk on a treadmill. This physical activity helps to keep them healthy and strong and prevents them from becoming overweight or obese.

3. Socialization: Boarding also provides an ideal opportunity for socialization, which is important for puppy development and preventing them from developing shyness or anxiety later in life. Getting to know different people and animals will help your dog learn how to interact with others properly, which is key if they plan on living outside of the home in the future.

Which dog boarding services are best for you?

There are a lot of dog boarding services out there, so which one is right for you? Here are the benefits of dog boarding and why you should book now:

1. Dog boarding can help relieve boredom in your pet.

Dogs need stimulation to keep them occupied and entertained, which is why dog boarding can be so beneficial. Boarding your pet in a place with other dogs and cats, as well as plenty of toys and games, can give them the stimulation they need to stay busy and happy.

2. Boarding can also help train your dog.

If you’re looking to teach your pup some new tricks or behaviors, having them board with other animals will help enforce those lessons. Dogs that board regularly tend to be smarter than ones that don’t, since they’re getting an added dose of mental stimulation.

3. Boarding gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your pet.

When you leave your dog at a boarding facility, you’ll know they’re safe and sound – no matter what happens while you’re gone! If something happens while you’re away, the staff on duty will be able to handle the situation quickly and professionally.


As dog owners, we know that our furry friends need plenty of exercise and socialization. That’s why boarders are so popular with pet lovers; you can give your dog the perfect combination of both without having to leave home. Not only do boarding facilities provide a safe and secure environment for your dog, but they also offer excellent amenities such as play yards, doggy daycare, grooming services, and more. If you’re in the market for a place to board your pup, book now!

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