Different types of offshore injuries 

Offshore jobs are physically demanding and challenging, and they are dangerous as well. This is the main reason injuries are more common in offshore jobs than in any other field. Offshore injuries include fractures and electrical shocks to the head and stomach injuries. In some cases, these injuries can prove to be fatal as well. 

According to the latest report published by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, there were more than six fatalities and almost 222 injuries in 2019. But the surprising thing is that nearly half of the offshore deaths and injuries were not considered since they didn’t fit the criteria for reporting such accidents to BSEE. 

But even the government is aware of the dangers of offshore jobs, and therefore, there is a law in place to protect the rights of such workers. If you or one of your family members or friends is dealing with an offshore injury, he is entitled to financial compensation. 

Almost everyone prefers working with Lake Charles attorneys to build their case, gather evidence and get the compensation they deserve. But apart from hiring the right attorney, you should also know about the different types of offshore injuries, which we will discuss in this blog post. 

Here is a list of common types of offshore injuries that Lake Charles attorneys usually deal with- 


Accumulating combustible fumes in unventilated spaces, failure of safety equipment, loss of control, and even welding accidents can lead to explosions and fire, resulting in severe burns. The burn can vary from first-degree to third-degree. In first-degree burns, only the upper layer of the skin is damaged, but in the case of third-degree burns, both the outer layer of the skin and the layer beneath the dermis are burnt.

In most cases, the main cause of serious illness and burns are carelessness and human errors. Whatever the reason, a burn injury can result in severe disfigurement, which may require extensive plastic surgery. You will also be out of work for several months because of a burn injury. 

Back injuries

This is another common type of offshore injury that workers sustain. Hard labor and heavy lifting are the primary causes of severe back injuries. The person suffering from a back injury may need back surgery. 

Since workers don’t have enough money to afford back surgery, they should work with a lawyer to file compensation. But choosing a commercial real estate closing lawyer for an offshore injury case will be like buying a painkiller to treat dizziness. It is necessary to find an offshore injury lawyer with extensive maritime law knowledge who can build a powerful case. 

Head injuries 

A sudden shock on the head from falling equipment, a sudden blow from a pipe swinging overhead, or a boom can lead to serious brain injuries. Even minor injuries to the brain can confine a person to bed for his entire life, which is why head injuries are considered the most severe type of offshore injury and are taken seriously by all offshore lawyers. 

A traumatic brain injury can affect your ability to earn a living, and in many cases, it can also prove fatal. So, suppose someone in your family has suffered an offshore head injury. In that case, you should start looking for an offshore lawyer instead of randomly searching for any lawyer and choosing a commercial real estate closing lawyer.

Loss of limb 

This is a life-changing injury, and it should never be ignored. Losing a limb can leave you out of a job for your entire life, and this can be the most devastating blow for any worker, especially if he is the only breadwinner of his family. 

Many types of accidents can lead to the loss of a limb, like a leg caught and crushed between two barges or a hand trapped in the line. In such cases, you should contact an offshore lawyer as soon as possible and file a lawsuit against the company to get the compensation you deserve. 


Every year, many maritime workers die from severe injuries, most of which happen because of carelessness or negligence from the employer. An offshore injury attorney knows how to gather the proper evidence and build a strong case against the employer so that the worker’s family can get the appropriate compensation. 

The main reason why people suffer is because of the employer’s carelessness, ignorance, or intention. They aren’t aware of their rights and don’t even know they can get compensation for their losses. It would help if you found the right offshore injury lawyer, and he will take care of everything else.

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