David Sanov- Alison Sweeney’s loyal husband- bio & net worth

Alison Sweeney’s Husband – David Sanov – net worth, early life, social media 


Alison Sweeney, a popular show host, and actress seem to have a happy married life with David Sanov. There’s little to no information about who this lucky guy is, but if you’re interested, then this page is the right place to be.

Who is David Sanov? 

Born in California, USA, David Sanov was a Highway patrol officer, who has now retired as a police officer and is known for getting married to Alison Sweeney. Although his wife increased his fame, Sanov has a charming personality of his own as a credible soccer player and a strong athlete. He was an active sportsperson and even took part in basketball team matches during his school days. 

The physical appearance of David Sanov

The White-American ethnicity holder, David Sanov is a fit man, considering he used to be a high-ranking police officer. His height is about 6′ ft, with brown hair and eyes

Family of David Sanov

Alison and David welcomed their first child together, on 25th Feb 2005, who later on was named Benjamin. Later in January 2009, Benjamin become an elder brother to Megan, David‘s second child and their first daughter. The family of four is now happily living together in LA. 

The early life of David Sanov

David Sanov was born on October 4th of 1972 and had a keen interest in sports such as basketball ever since. He even shared his joy in his participation in school games. Apart from sports, David has an interest in Law enforcement– which motivated him to further become a police officer. 

Where did David Sanov study? 

David passed out from Oakland school from the 1990 batch, situated in North Hollywood. After his schooling was over, he went on to get a degree from the University of California, Irvine and graduated in 1994. Even during his college days, he was still an active sports player. 

How is David Sanov’s career going on?

David pursued his passion, and later on, became a Highway patrol officer in California. He received much of his fame later when he was more often seen with Alison. He was also seen taking up a small role as a police officer in ‘Days of our lives’

Relationship of David Sanov

David and Alison began dating in the late 1990s, regardless of how different their professional life was. Both knew each other beforehand as childhood friends due to relations between their families. In an interview, Alison also confirmed having a crush on David as a kid. 

David Sanov – Married life 

After a long-awaited time, the couple finally tied the knot on the 8th of July, 2000. Both have two kids and are now a happy family of four. 

Achievement of David Sanov

David Sanov’s biggest achievement would be his role as a Highway Patrol officer, a high-ranking role that needs vigorous study to pass both physical and entrance exams. As an officer, David gave his best and was determined to serve the nation. Additionally, he was known to unravel cases efficiently and was often credited by his seniors for the same. 

Social media of David Sanov 

David Sanov is a very dedicated person and values the true joy of life. He prefers not to have an Instagram account.

The net worth of David Sanov 

As a patrol officer of 27 years, David Sanov is worth over $ 500,000 in 2023


Although David Sanov is not a popular celebrity, he’s a nice person who is recognized for his work. His wife is, however, the actual reason he grew such fame. Truly, David’s life is an inspiration for many. 

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