Cerner EMR vs Epic EHR – Everything You Should Know!

As more people switch from conventional to modernized electronic medical record systems, these are increasingly being used as the standard for healthcare management. EMR systems have become increasingly popular among doctors thanks to their numerous valuable features and innovative design. Data input, scheduling, and billing are all mundane tasks that shouldn’t cause undue anxiety. A high-quality EMR adapted to your unique clinical and management needs can significantly reduce your workload.

Remember that various hospitals and clinics may use a selection of EMRs. Decide on a long-term strategy for the operations of your healthcare company.

This article compares and contrasts two leading electronic medical record software packages currently in a heated battle. Both Epic EHR and Cerner EMR come packed with a wide variety of features and functions. Most of the information about these EMR systems in this article is intended to help you pick one of the options. Management will find both systems helpful in handling medical records, and clients have nothing but positive things to say about them.

The benefits and differences between two popular EMR solutions, Epic Vs Cerner EMR, will be shared so that you may form an informed decision.

Cerner EMR

Regarding healthcare businesses, Cerner EMR is a powerful tool that simplifies a wide variety of activities. Cerner is appreciated by many because of how easily it stores patients’ hospital documents and other related information. Through Cerner’s EMR solutions, patients can keep track of their current well-being and the results of diagnostic procedures and doctor visits.

Public healthcare facilities like hospitals widely use the Cerner Electronic Medical Record system. Independent doctors’ offices can also benefit from using it.

In the healthcare sector, Cerner is often held up as an example of excellent customer service. Cerner’s services cover the gamut of administrative tasks, from accounting to tracking to invoicing to keeping tabs on vital public health data. The comprehensive features ensure that patients have access to up-to-date data and receive the best care possible. The purpose is to improve patient safety, reduce bureaucratic burdens, and simplify for medical practitioners to execute their jobs.

Perks of Using Cerner EMR

  • Cerner’s patient portal includes a HIPAA-compliant messaging system where patients and doctors can have private conversations about the patient’s condition and treatment options. As an added benefit, this technology allows patients to schedule online medication refills and virtual doctor visits at their convenience.
  • Cerner Electronic Medical Record allows you to experiment with various pre-built, adaptable format alternatives. Cerner EMR invests heavily in improving the backbone of healthcare facilities. Therefore, it is essential that they choose user-friendly EMR software. Cerner electronic medical record findings are positive and provide numerous novel advantages.
  • However, PowerChart Touch is one of Cerner’s best-known capabilities and is highly considered an advantage of working with the company. With this helpful software, in-office access to patients’ healthcare records is now possible. By allowing for chart analysis, streamlining note-taking with voice recognition, and retaining track of the status of complaints, prescriptions, and health history, PowerChart Touch is a cloud-based services tool that enables clinicians to store patient information on devices like the iPhone and iPad.
  • Users of EHRs and PMSs want advanced features, such as mobile device accessibility, in addition to the basics. Cerner EMR is a formidable competitor due mainly to its mobile app.

Epic EHR

Epic is an EHR system for big hospitals and other care institutions recognized for Stages 1 and 2 by Epic Organizations for Meaningful. EpicCare’s home organization staff developed, deployed, and oversaw the system. Some parts include customizable layouts and dashboards that present clinical and financial data.

For Meaningful Use Stage 2, the Epic EMR System includes a patient portal and electronic prescription capabilities. The application also offers telehealth capabilities, allowing doctors to have video conferences with patients and mobile/tablet-friendly interfaces.

The Epic EMR System provides a streamlined platform for managing patient information, doctor consultations, and appointment scheduling.

In 2015, 54% of all medical history in the United States was housed by software vendor Epic EMR. Epic EMR is a widely used technology, but increasing new capabilities and features can dramatically raise the expense of its plans. Thus its clients’ confidence in it is evident. Healthcare providers with a larger budget may be able to buy its solutions, but smaller practices may find it more realistic to focus on the bare minimum.

Perks of Using Epic EMR

  • Patients can communicate with their healthcare providers, schedule arrangements, fill out surveys, and view their medical records through the Epic EHR portal. Patients can also access their schedules and have conversations with their care teams using the MyChart Bedside function.
  • And over 40 years of its services since the founding of Epic EMR, a healthcare technology firm. Its dependable telehealth functionalities, patient portal, scheduling, and invoicing skills have made it among the most recognized systems for major hospitals. It can be adapted by any healthcare company that needs a centralized location for patient records, administrative files, and financial records.e
  • Any medical application claiming to facilitate sharing of patient records between different facilities must provide interoperability. Epic also claims that its users can share more patient records with one another to enhance the level of care offered to patients than customers of any other supplier. When evaluating this EMR product, it’s important to find out how well it communicates with other systems.
  • With the Epic EMR solution’s RCM features, users can automatically monitor and control their transactions, eliminating a significant source of stress. Since a healthcare practice’s bottom line depends on a smoothly operating revenue cycle, this is a crucial inquiry to experience while testing your Epic demo.

Bottom Line

Many current EMR systems, like Cerner EMR and Epic EHR, either have their own features or drawbacks. The easy way to differentiate them is to choose a system that corresponds with your practice’s specific challenges and medical interventions. Although it is important to bring the budget under your decision when making a choice, focusing on the characteristics and functions most important to the efficient functioning of your health sector is still vital.

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