Best Batsmen of Afghanistan that One Should Know!

It is a rigid task to pick up a few best batsmen of the Afghanistan cricket team as a cricket follower, as there are so many best players to pick from the Afghanistan cricket team. Afghanistan’s batsmen or the whole team are known for their flexibility and batting performances in any cricket match. They are original in their cricket strategies, employing a variety of diverse tactics to take full advantage of their batting skills and efficiency. The insights from today update cricket very well justify their mettle in cricket.

Afghanistan’s cricketers are also recognized for their intellect and skill to reflect on their batting bases, which permits them to swiftly come up with the best fix to any tricky situations in matches. Also, their pledge to cricket and self-will sets them apart from their opponents, assembling them as a challenging team on the pitch. As they often exercise their cricket skills with a mixture of endurance, hostility, and tricks to outsmart their rivals. They also hold brilliant bat-eye management and responses, enabling them to swiftly counter whatever high-low condition they may be in front of. 

The Afghanistan cricket team originally represented their nation in 2001, and after that, they accomplished quite a few noteworthy markers in cricket. In 2018, for the first time, they qualified and trained for the ICC T20 Cricket Cup, and in 2019 they became the first subordinate cricket team to ever beat a full-strong member team in ODI tournaments when they beat the Ireland team. The Afghanistan team has not only participated in the ICC T20 matches but in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Even though they have not won any tournaments yet, but have contended against several of the world’s strong teams. They are still continuing to make their mark in the ecosphere of cricket as a competing team.

Hence, they are the up-to-date champs of the world cricket league division 2 and the ICC T20 League. The Afghanistan team has also gained several trophies from various regional competitions, like the ACC Twenty20 in 2017,2019, and more. 

Top 5 Batsmen of the Afghanistan Cricket Team

Afghanistan has a very gifted group of cricketers, and under the true provision, cricket fans are assured that they will endure reaching even better heights in cricket records in the upcoming years to come. Overall, the Afghanistan cricket team comprises very strong batsmen, like, Mohammad Nabi, Asghar Afghan, Rahmat Shah, Najibullah Zadran, Hashmatullah Shahidi, etc… Below are some 5 top best batsmen of the Afghanistan national cricket team:

  1. Hashmatullah Shahidi: Shahidi is one of the most artistic batsmen in the Afghanistan cricket team. He is identified for his capability to play big hits bowls and score big runs for the match. He is also known for his ability to hit spin bowls.
  2. Mohammad Nabi: Nabi was the captain of the Afghanistan national cricket team in 2022. Now in 2023, he is replaced by Rashid Khan as a Caption of the team. He is one of the utmost qualified batsmen in the Afghanistan cricket team. His batting skill to play spin-speeding bowls and his violent stroke play were very effective in matches.
  3. Asghar Afghan: Afghan is one of the most veteran batsmen on the Afghanistan team. He is known for his skill to play big bowls and his ability to play slow bowling.
  4. Rahmat Shah: Shah is one of the best players in Afghanistan, recognized for his destructive batting elegance and skill to run quickly. His first-rate cricket practice and batting timing while playing are perfect.
  5. Gulbadin Naib: Naib is one of the most brilliant batman-cum-bowler in the Afghanistan cricket team. He is acknowledged for his big scores and flexibility.

The Best 4 Matches played by Afghanistan Batsmen

The Afghanistan cricket team has developed great batting skills in current years, having contested in the 2019 World Cup and also in the T20 World Cup Qualifier match in 2019. They have attained some big triumphs against some of the leading strong teams, such as their win against Bangladesh in 2015 and their win against the West Indies in 2019. The team is occupied with capable and zealous batters who have added more to the team’s accomplishments. It is fair to say that the Afghanistan cricket team is an energy to be acknowledged and should be guided closely in the approaching matches.

Here are the top 4 matches based on top runs achieved, top different scores, and the number of top hits by Afghanistan batsmen:

  1. In 2015, Mohammad Shahzad played against the Zimbabwe team and scored 119 runs including 6 sixes. 
  2. In 2015, Mohammad Nabi played against the Zimbabwe team and scored 116 scores including 4 sixes.
  3. In 2017, Rahmat Shah against the Ireland team and scored 108 runs including 3 sixes.
  4. In 2016, Noor Ali Zadran against the Scotland team and scored 103 runs including 4 sixes.


Afghanistan batsmen have had some remarkable performances in the T20 world cups, IPL matches, and other events. Mohammad Shahzad and Nabi have been recognized as top-hitting batsmen in the IPL in different seasons in different teams. The new Afghanistan cricket team Caption Rashid Khan has also been a consistent performer in the IPL. No cricket team is perfect in terms of batting and bowling, their performances change a lot each upcoming year. So, even though the Afghanistan team has not won any big league yet but still they are slowly becoming the top contending team in any cricket tournament due to their strong skilled batmen.

Cricket fans of Afghanistan have so much interest and desire for the Cricket sport. No doubt that Afghanistan’s batsmen had remarkable performances in the past few years, with several outstanding successes on the international cricket ground. From Mohammad Shahzad, and Nabi, Shah, to Rashid Khan, the Afghanistan cricket team has produced a good number of talented batsmen. Cricket followers are looking forward to seeing more of their top moments or achievements on the cricket field in the years to come! 

After some research, we hope the above information regarding the best batsmen of the Afghanistan cricket team has been supportive in answering your query. 

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