Acumatica Construction Software Review

Acumatica software offers many features for construction companies. For example, the software offers data-driven dashboards that can be customized to meet the needs of each department. Additionally, it can alert users to problems in advance. The software also provides customizable data visualizations that display cost and project progress. It helps construction companies manage their projects effectively and improve the quality of their work BSV Blockchain.


If you are in the construction business, you’ll appreciate the power of Acumatica’s construction management software. It can streamline your accounting, manage documents, and track ongoing projects from start to finish. It can also integrate with other parts of your business, like Microsoft Office and DocuSign. And, with its flexible data management capabilities, you can modify the software to meet your unique needs.

This software can also help you manage inventory. Its Bill of Materials (BOM) feature lets you keep track of all parts used in a production. It also supports kitting, which is a process whereby a specific item requires preassembled subassemblies that are then integrated into the BOM.


Acumatica’s Construction Edition delivers real-time visibility into ongoing projects through powerful, financial management features. It includes tools to track and manage job cost accounting, inventory management, payroll, and recurring revenue. The software is also able to handle multiple currencies, which is beneficial for companies with international operations. In addition to accounting, Acumatica also offers document control, which can be crucial to maintaining project compliance.

Construction software such as Acumatica can accommodate a wide variety of legal entities and is designed to be easily adapted to the needs of these entities. It supports multi-currency and reduces the time necessary to consolidate financial data. It also helps international organizations reduce costs and time spent on financial consolidation. Multicurrency support means that your business can conduct transactions in different currencies without incurring additional costs.

Intercompany Accounting

Acumatica’s construction software provides a comprehensive view of ongoing projects, including job cost accounting, inventory management, payroll, and change orders. It also offers powerful financial and standard financial processes, including fixed assets, recurring revenue, and cash management. This makes it a powerful tool for construction companies, and it will help you manage your projects from start to finish.

This software also supports intercompany transactions, centralized vendor payments, and centralized customer invoicing. Acumatica construction software can streamline your accounting process and help you keep track of multiple companies from one location. You can also share non-financial data among related companies. It also provides extensive intercompany reconciliation capabilities, including the ability to manage intercompany journal transactions and goods transfers.

Data-driven Dashboards

Acumatica construction software’s data-driven dashboards make it easy for users to get an overview of key data sets. They can be customized to meet departmental needs and show critical data points at a glance. They can display project costs and progress as well as provide warnings about potential issues.

The data-driven dashboards feature in Acumatica Construction Edition makes it easy to display key project metrics in real time. These dashboards can display data from internal or external forms. Users can also select widgets and design the layout of their dashboards. Depending on the data they need, they can also move and resize widgets.

In addition to providing real-time insight into key metrics, Acumatica’s construction software also includes a comprehensive set of business management features. For example, the Construction Edition supports multiple types of project costs and enables users to automate manual tasks. Additionally, it provides a unified view of critical data, enabling users to collaborate and make informed decisions.


Whether you’re looking to automate payroll, manage contracts and schedule projects, or create a more accurate payroll, Acumatica construction software has everything you need to run a successful construction business. Its comprehensive features allow you to integrate opportunities, budgets, contracts, scheduling, sub-contractors, compliance information, and more. Additionally, you can sync your home office with employees out in the field. The system also offers cloud storage for documents, so you can upload and associate them with specific jobs and projects.

The payroll module provides flexibility, allowing you to customize it to your specific needs. The software also allows you to integrate it with other third-party applications. It supports multiple unions and locals, complex and certified wages, commission structures, and flexible data management. This means you can set up the payroll solution to support any unique pay methods your company uses.

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