A Simple Guide to Glass Bubblers – Types, Styles and Benefits

Smoking is one activity that probably dates back to as far back in civilization as we can possibly go. From the smoking of beetle dungs in some backside settlements to the smoking of tobacco, marijuana and more, man has always found something to smoke. While this activity has remained a constant, one thing that has however evolved over the years is the method or smoking device employed.

One device that is gaining popularity today is the glass bubbler. This device combines the main attraction of two others devices to deliver better functionality and features. In this article, we’ll be looking in some detail at this device, its features, types, style and the benefits it offers that has now endeared it to many.

You’ll want to stick with us for this ride. You can also watch a quick video of how it’s used in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6mJUKbV88w.

What are Glass Bubblers?

These are accessories used for smoking different substances. Like we briefly stated above, glass bubblers combine two functions which were previously performed by two different devices, hence its description by some as a hybrid device. The two devices which functions are combined in the glass bubbler are the pipe and the bong. On the one hand, the pipe simply provides a space where the substance is fired up and the smoke passed through a passage to the smoker while the bong adds a water-based filtration system that both cleans and cools the smoke before it is inhaled.

Now let’s try to understand how this device works by first looking at the different components that make it up. The glass bubbler is made up of four major components which are the mouthpiece, a water chamber, a bowl and a stem. Whatever will be smoked will be packed into the bowl which is then connected to the water chamber via the stem. Finally, the water chamber leads to the mouthpiece where the cooled and filtered smoke is then passed on to the smoker.

So in an actual use case, the user will have to perform about three tasks before they can begin to smoke. First, whatever substance or herb that is to be smoked will have to be filled into the bowl. Water will then be added into the water chamber. This chamber should not be completely filled as room should be left for the movement of the smoke.

Finally, the bowl will be heated using a heat source like a lighter. Once the herb or substance begins to burn, the smoker can them inhale through the mouthpiece, forcing smoke from the bowl into the water chamber from where it then travels to the mouthpiece and into the user’s mouth.

So basically, you get to enjoy the functionality of the bong and the pipe in a portable and easy to use device. This is what has made the glass bubbler a prepared smoking device by many. You can learn more about bong and pipes here.

Types of Glass Bubblers

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There are a few types of glass bubblers that we’ll quickly look at in this section. As we look at them, we’ll also quickly explain their features and how they differ from one another.

Hammer Bubbler

These are probably the most popular of all the types we will look at. Looking at it, you can immediately deduce why it is so named. Shaped like a hammer, the hitting end of the hammer shape houses the bowl which connects to the water chamber located in the middle of the handle section of the hammer shape. After the chamber is a short stem that leads to the mouthpiece.

The significant thing about this type of bubbler is the fact that it is compact and very easy to use. This explains why it is the most popular among all the other types.

Sidecar Bubbler

This is actually a variation of the hammer type we looked at above. The main difference here is that the water chamber with the stem that leads to the mouthpiece is directly connected to the side of the bowl. Aside from this difference, its operations are the same.

Sherlock Bubbler

As should be obvious from the name, this type of bubbler is modeled after the pipe smoked by the legendary Sherlock Holmes. It’s designed to look like your classic pipe with a distinctive curved neck. The one downside that has made this not a very popular choice is the fact that keeping it clean can be a bit difficult. It’s however an option that you can consider should you be interested in it.

Double Chamber Bubbler

This is almost like the Sherlock Holmes type exact that it has two chambers where the former has just one. With these two chambers, the cooling area is distinctly different from the burning area. One of the chambers acts as the bowl while the second one acts as the water chamber. This makes for a more efficient functioning and maintenance.

Tips for Maintaining Your Glass Bubbler

Proper maintenance of your device is important both to ensure its continued efficiency and its longevity. It will be a great waste to buy bubblers and then not get to get full value from them. To help you maintain whatever type of glass blubber that you may own now or choose to own in future, we’ll share a few maintenance tips.

Rinse after Use

Every time you use your device, be sure to rinse it out to get rid of any debris that may be left in the chamber. This is important to prevent the formation of mold or build of residue that could encourage bacterial growth. A good practice will be to clean it with rubbing alcohol every now and again. This will help with both cleaning and sterilization.

Store Properly when not in Use

Properly storing your device will help prevent it from damage among other things. It’s a good idea to get a protective storage box in which to secure store it when you’re not using it.

Change the Water Often

The water in the chamber plays an important role in the operation of your device. It is therefore important that you ensure that this water is always clean. First, if the water is dirty, it can affect the taste of your smoke. Dirty water can also promote the growth of bacteria and mold.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

You shouldn’t use harsh chemicals because, in addition to damaging your device, they can also alter the taste of the smoke. Use only safe, natural cleaning products. You can learn more about safe cleaning products.


We’ve briefly looked at this device designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your favorite pastime. Having looked at the different types of glass blubbers available, their functional differences and then how to maintain them, it should now be easier for you to decide which type of blubber you want to go for and also to ensure you get the most from whatever choice you make.

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