9 Step Guide To Fight A Speeding Ticket

According to reports, about 42 million speeding tickets are issued every year. That’s a huge number! Receiving a traffic ticket implies that you might be guilty of violating traffic laws. This is an emotionally challenging experience and it can also be a financial burden.

Different states have different sets of rules when it comes to speeding tickets. You should follow the instructions that are available to you in the citation. They will help develop some understanding of what to do when you get a speeding ticket. 

There are many questions on the mind of many drivers: Is having a speeding ticket a criminal offense? Is traffic violation a crime? To learn the answers to these questions and more, keep on reading this guide.

1.  Remain Calm And Respectful 

It might seem like you are going to be issued a speeding ticket by the patrol officer. Once this happens, it is important to stay calm and respectful. You don’t want to engage in a heated argument with the officer. You should not also try to persuade them to recant the citation. This will serve you no purpose. 

2.  Sign A Copy Of The Ticket

You do not necessarily agree with the ticket when your signature is found on the ticket. Yet, you should try to sign it. Usually, an officer that issues a speeding ticket will head back to their patrol car. Then, they draft up every necessary detail for the citation. After this, they will offer you a paper copy of the ticket to sign.

3. Check Your Contact Information On Your Ticket Copy

Once you sign, you will be presented with a copy of the tickets for your records. You will find your contact information on the paper. This could include:

  • your personal information
  • the officer’s name
  • the location of the offense
  • the speed limit

Ensure that the right authority is notified (in this case, the officer). This is particularly required if any of the information on the paper is wrong. This will ensure that they can make the right changes.

4. Ensure That You Know How To Handle The Citation 

Verbal instructions may be given to you by the officer. This information could be related to what you should do to handle the citation. They may even refer to any piece of information on the piece of paper. The officer might not instruct you on what to do next. Still, the required information should be available anywhere on the ticket.

5. Politely Challenge The Officer’s Observations

There are so many types of violations. As a result, the accuracy of the officer’s observations is crucial. For instance, the red light and stop sign tickets limit the evidence against you. Proofs that support you committing the violation to the testimony of the officer. This is whether or not they saw you run a stop light or red signal. This makes the officer’s judgment crucial.

You might wish to fight this type of violation. Then, ensure that you do not engage in a heated argument with the officer. This could result in an issue. Rather, more positive results can be produced. This is particularly true when much focus is placed on whether the officer was in a good position to observe the supposed violation.

6. Consult a Personal Injury Lawyers

You can work with a personal injury lawyers to prove certain facts. These include whether the officer was either too distant to have a great view or not. It could also include whether or not the officer’s point of view was obstructed by an object. This could be a hill, a tree, or a car. The use of diagrams or photos can be helpful while making this argument.

7. Rather Than Paying The Fine, Attend Defensive Driving School

If that is your first time receiving a speeding ticket, it is possible you are permitted to attend defensive driving school, rather than pay the fine. You can reach out to any local courthouse to learn more information about the possibility of enrolling. This is only available in specific areas.

8. Explore Your Options

It is imperative that you learn more about the options you can explore. This is especially true if it is impossible to attend the defensive driving school. Usually, there are two options you can explore. First, you can decide to pay a full fine before the court date that appears on the speeding ticket.

Another option you can consider is to appear in court with the hope of getting the citation dismissed. If the latter is the path you prefer, you should understand that you must pay court costs. Again, the help of traffic violation lawyers is invaluable if you wish to make the right decision. This can help you fight a speeding ticket issue.

9. Show Up At The Court With The Right Preparation Made

By choosing to appear in court, you must make the right preparation. Get the right advice you need for your speeding ticket attorney. As stated earlier, the first thing you should do is learn more about the ticket you have been given. Besides this, you should understand the various elements that have been listed to prove against you.

Furthermore, ensure that you see the necessary paperwork. If the officer does not have it, there is a good chance that the ticket might be dismissed. You can also fight a traffic violation by learning about the kind of device the speed was measured on. If no type of device used is present on the speeding ticket, you must make the most of this to get your case dismissed.

However, you should remember the importance of consulting your speeding ticket attorney. Their efforts can help you navigate all legal proceedings as you make the best-informed decisions.


A traffic violation is an offense that you can fight. However, you must first understand the relevant steps you should take when you wish to fight a speeding ticket offense. After all, there are several options you can explore. Then, you can employ the service of top traffic violation lawyers. This will ensure that you make the best decision possible. 

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