5 Ways You Can Spice Up Regular Fudge

Whether you are looking for new ways to make dessert more interesting or if you are just searching for a unique gift to thank someone, fudge is an area with lots of room for experimentation. From mixing in nuts to making crumbly fudge, there are endless ways to surprise someone with fudge.

#1 Crumbly Fudge

Now, there are two ways in which you get this kind of fudge: one is intentional and the other unintentional. Unintentionally, some people enjoy the brittle confection and grainy fudge texture. There have been multiple debates online regarding which is the best fudge.

Unlike the other types of fudge, the crumbly kind melts in your mouth and zings your tastebuds with its sweetness. It is close to the Scottish tablet and can only be distinguished by someone with experience in both. Nonetheless, this is a fun way to switch up the average fudge for your next party gift.

#2 Set Aside the Dairy

Just because fudge is mostly dairy, it doesn’t mean everyone who cannot consume dairy has to miss out on all the fun. There are options to swap out milk and butter in your fudge recipe with alternatives like full-fat coconut cream or other dairy substitutes. Butter also can be switched for the vegan options if dairy does not sit well with you. No matter what you substitute for the dairy, the fudge remains as decadent as it has always been.

#3 Toppings FTW 

The good ol’ plain fudge is a hit, no doubts about that. But what if you could have all the richness of fudge along with something else you love. It can be anything from M&M’s to maple and walnuts. Mix and match ingredients and play around with textures to get new results every time. You can even customise fudge for each season, some peppermint for Christmas or pumpkin spice for fall. Doesn’t a result like crumbly fudge with Bailey’s sound like an absolute treat?

#4 Cross-cultural

Since we are looking for cultural appreciation instead of appropriation, it might be interesting to mention that many desserts worldwide can be similar to the fudge in consistency, taste, or even the making. The Doodh Peda and Besan Barfi from India and Kr√≥wki from Poland are great examples of this. So, if you are looking for something new in your exploration of fudge, there are options from cultures across the globe. Besides, some of these desserts are vegan.  

#5 All That Sugar?

If refined sugar is what is keeping you from enjoying a treat of fudge, it’s time to change that. Set aside the refined sugar that fudge recipes call for and pick up some maple syrup or brown sugar to keep the fudge on the healthier side. If using chocolate is another thing you are uncomfortable with, try using cacao. It will pack all the flavours of chocolate minus the sugar and dairy.

Summing It Up

Whether it’s a gift for the holidays or an after-school snack, fudge always works magic. However, the classic fudge can get boring after some time. This is when you can unleash your creativity in the kitchen or put in a request with your trusted candymaker. Then, express your thanks to your host with an exceptional box of fudge. With artisanal candy makers, you can get unique combinations of flavours in fudge if you need something else to set your fudge experience apart. 

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