5 Things You Should Know Before Getting on Your First Private Flight

The luxury of flying in a private jet is undoubtedly exciting and exhilarating, and it’ll probably make you feel like a VIP. You can even opt for a Jet Card Membership for special privileges.

But, while expecting all the luxuries that are soon to follow, many people tend to forget some basic etiquette and rules for air travel.

Flying on a private jet will certainly excuse you from most of the painstaking and long processes of boarding a regular commercial plane, but here are 6 things that you still need to keep in mind while traveling privately.

Don’t Forget Your Documents

If it’s your first time flying in a private jet, it might go over your head a couple of times but even though you don’t need to go through the typical security line at the airport, you still need to have a valid ID on you.

You won’t need to wait in line, adhere to the stupidly large amount of restrictions, or even park outside the airport. In many cases, you can drive up to your private jet directly. But regardless, make sure you grab your passport before you leave for the airport.

There’s No Need to Sneak in Alcohol

Most private jet service providers will ask what food and drinks you prefer, including your favorite alcoholic beverage, and provide it to you for free during the aerobatics flight experience.

Though there’s also no rule that restricts you from bringing your own alcoholic beverage, it’s just that you don’t need to. If you do decide to bring your own, then ask the crew to put it on ice for later.

Traveling with Pets is Allowed

In private jets, you can have your pets in the passenger cabin instead of boxing and transporting them to the aircraft holds. Having your furry companion with you as you travel is a lot more fun and stress-free, knowing that they’re safe in your hands.

It’s a good idea to notify the crew that you’re going to travel with pets, so they can make necessary adjustments.

Try Not to Overpack Luggage

It’s easy to forget that there’s still a luggage weight limit to follow even on a private jet. Though you can still pack more stuff than you would be able to on a commercial flight, it’s still good to be mindful and ask the crew how much space they have.

Ideally, it’s best to pack your stuff in soft bags rather than hard suitcases, as it’s harder to fit rigid cases in a small space.

Remember to Follow the Common Etiquette

Firstly, it’s important to dress right for the occasion. A private jet flight is very different from flying commercially so it’s best not to wear a pair of cargo shorts. Even so, you don’t need to take out your finest suit either. Dress well, but dress comfortably, so in this case, a plain polo shirt and a pair of dress pants should do.

Additionally, tipping the pilot and the serving crew is a grand gesture that can make your and their flying experience a lot more pleasant. But it’s not mandatory and you don’t need to tip a large amount if you decide to tip.

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