5 Key Considerations Before Buying A Floor Scrubber

The cleaning industry is progressing towards better technology and complete automation. It paved the way for floor scrubbers, which come in handy for everyday cleaning operations. It not only cleans the floor immaculately but also in a shorter time. 

Long gone are the days of mop and bucket, which wasn’t as effective as floor scrubber. It would often leave dirt behind on the floor, which does not happen when using the machine. These floor scrubbers clean the floors and leave them dry for immediate usage. The squeegees collect all the dirty residue and store it in the recovery tanks of the machine.

There is no reason why one mustn’t switch to this better way of cleaning floors. 

That said, the market is booming with endless options for floor scrubbers. So, how do you make the right choice? We’ll tell you!

1. Floor-type 

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a floor scrubber is to determine the type of floor you will use it on. 

Is it the carpeted floor? Or will you use it to clean hard floor material?

As a rule of thumb, buy a cylindrical brush scrubber if using the machine on a textured carpet floor. These come with a roller brush that helps reach the difficult-to-clean corners of the floor with utter ease. 

On the other hand, if you have a hard yet smooth floor surface like ceramic tiles or rubber, you can opt for a rotary brush scrubber. These offer excellent coverage areas so you can clean broader surfaces quickly. 

2. Floor size

Once you have figured out the floor type, evaluate the area size of the floor that the scrubber machine will clean. 

Depending on the cleanable square footage of the floor, along with the presence of doorways, aisles and ramps, you can decide whether the ride-on or walk-behind scrubber dryer would be ideal. 

3. Scrubber size

The second most essential factor to consider after the floor type and area is the size of the scrubber. This mainly depends on the floor size only. 

You will need a machine with a broader squeegee if you employ the scrubber at an industrial location like a shopping mall or school. This would save you time immensely. 

Alternatively, a small-sized scrubber would work best for household purposes since storing it would be convenient. 

4. Portability

The scrubber size will determine the ease of portability it will bring along. So, if you need to use this machine on different floors and have a suitable transporter or elevator to help you, you can invest in a bulky floor-cleaning scrubber. 

But if there is no means of transportation, you might want to consider some lighter, smaller options, such as a vertical floor scrubber.

5. Run time

If you plan to use the scrubber several hours a day, you would require a machine with long-running hours. You can also install additional lithium-ion batteries to keep the device running. Plus, you can replace these batteries every time they die out. 

On the contrary, you can buy a scrubber with a shorter battery time if you only need to use it sparsely. You can recharge the machine when the battery runs out. It would be a lot more economical!

Final words

Getting your house or workspace clean and tidy can be a taxing process. If you hire commercial services, it may cost you $30-$120. In the long run, that might be a costly affair. 

So why not get self-reliant and buy a floor-cleaning scrubber machine?

All you need to do is chalk out your budget and consider some essential factors like floor size and type, the run-time of the machine, the scrubber’s size and the portability issues. Then, you’re good to go!

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