4 Ways to Make Boring Scrubs Look Flattering and Stylish

Nurses are essential workers in any hospital or clinic. They start and end their day wearing scrubs. Compared to other jobs, the nursing profession has minimal leeway for fashion. However, scrubs from brands like Elite Care Scrubs come in a variety of designs and colours to suit each and everyone’s style. Additionally, you can follow a few tips to spruce up your boring scrubs. Stick through the end of this article to discover secrets to rev up the fashion and style of nursing scrubs.

  • Make sure to choose a scrub that fits your body type.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are on the light or heavy side. The right kind of scrubs will flatter your body. If you are top-heavy and narrow at the hips, choosing a scrub with a deep V-neck and open collar neck scrub top in a dark colour is recommended. It will help create the illusion of a narrower upper body.

    But if you are bottom-heavy, it is best to wear long tops that fall over your hips. It will cover your problem areas. Steer clear of wide pants if you are heavy-hipped. But if you are the slim type, it is recommended to wear smocked and gathered tops to add some volume to your physique.

    • Choose the right size.

    Size is the most crucial thing to factor in when choosing scrubs. But, it is often overlooked. Males are often troubled with scrubs that are too wide or too tight. In the case of female nurses, they may be clueless about their actual measurements.

    As a result, nurses tend to purchase outfits that don’t fit them well, resulting in an unflattering look. When you buy scrubs, choosing the right size for a good and comfortable fit is essential. Bear in mind that you feel more confident when you wear well-fitting scrubs, and this positivity gets transferred to your patients.

    But if nothing matches your measurements off the rack, you may want to have something specifically made for you from a tailor or seamstress.

    • Wear complementary colours.

    The scrubs you wear must match your skin tone. You can determine if a colour suits your complexion by holding the fabric next to your face. If the scrub colour gives a warm tone effect, then the colour is suited for you. But if the colour makes your face look pale or tired, the colour does not match you. The goal is to choose colours that brighten your complexion. If you feel you cannot make a good judgment, you can ask the assistance of the store clerk. They can give you professional advice. Brands like Elite Care Scrubs offer a wide variety of colours to choose from.

    • Add personal touches to your scrubs.

    Even if your scrubs are bought ready-made from a shop, you can put your creative spin on it. Some medical institutions permit a bit of modification to scrubs. You can get your name embroidered on your top for a unique look. You could also have your nickname embroidered on the sleeves in an eye-catching colour. If you wear a solid colour top, you can decorate it with a pin to make the colour pop. It doesn’t matter if the pin’s design is related to your profession as long as it showcases your personality. There are numerous ways to personalise your scrub suit. But bear in mind that your unique stamp must not go against your institution’s guidelines.

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