3 Awesome Educational Games that will improve your Child’s IQ

What’s the amount of time you dedicate to playing video games? As parents, we often don’t realize how important these activities are for our kids. While some children play video games as part of their daily life, others enjoy gaming for leisure and fun. In both cases, visit this page addiction isn’t always bad. Sometimes, they help them improve cognitive skills, enhance creativity and help with their education.

We talked about why video games can benefit your kid’s brain development. Now let me tell you what kind of video games can give them an edge over other students. Three great games will help your little ones excel in school.


Minecraft is a sandbox-style game which lets players create different worlds and build things using cubes or blocks. It’s been a huge hit with both boys and girls. Players use tools to dig out caves, create mountains, and more. The game has many features such as an “editor” where you can see what you’ve built before actually building it. This way, you can make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it when you’re done. Another cool feature is that you can join servers so you can team up with friends and work together on projects. You can visit this site www.trainz.com/collections/lionel  to find the best lionel toy trains for your child. 

Angry Birds

What’s better than watching birds destroy stuff?! Playing Angry Birds, of course. The goal is simple: stop the green pigs from destroying eggs that belong to Red. How? By using slingshots and bombs to take down the piggy villains.

While there are several variations of Angry Birds, the original version of the game is still being played today. Many online casino games players love to download free versions of Angry Birds simply because the gameplay itself is so addicting. Even when you first get started, you’ll be happy that you did. Each level becomes increasingly challenging, but it never gets too frustrating, especially if you know what you’re doing.

Brain Age 2

More Training Your Mind Without even realizing it, you may already be practising mental exercises like those featured in a video game. If not, you should try to incorporate them into your everyday routine. 

The Bottom Line.

Playing video games is not only good for socializing, but also gives your child a sense of achievement. These games develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and math and logic skills. Some games require even more skill than others; however, the basic premise remains the same. Kids who have high levels of impulse control and focus tend to perform well in most games.

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