Why Do You Need a Wi-Fi Extender?

If you have an internet connection at home and you use a router, there is a high chance that you have experienced a low signal issue. Most people when subscribed to an internet service do not map out their router plan in advance. Rather they opt for the nearest power socket for installing the internet router. As a result, signals get relatively weaker in rooms and the backyard so; you might even experience a dead zone.

To deal with the signal issue, usually, internet provider companies inspect the home and understand the layout. Later, a tech professional maps out the house layout to understand the placement of the router, and then sets it up to avoid the signal issue.

However, if you live in a huge house, router layout and planning might not be as effective. This is where you need a good internet connection like Optimum Internet. Optimum Internet offers high-speed internet with seamless connectivity and no data cap so, you can browse all day without worrying about running out of data. With Optimum Dynamic Whole Home Wi-Fi, you can stay carefree about the deal signal zone. For details about the Optimum Internet plans, you can visit their website online.

Apart from getting a good enough internet provider, you also need Wi-Fi signal extenders and repeaters if you have a huge home with thick walls. Before you start thinking about where to buy your Wi-Fi extender, you need to understand the difference between Wi-Fi extenders, repeaters, and boosters.

What Is The Difference Between A Wi-Fi Booster, Repeater, And Extender?

Generally, the term Wi-Fi extender, repeater, and booster are used interchangeably. Based on the technical functionality, all these things serve the same purpose. These devices help in improving the Wi-Fi signal strength, cover the dead zones and boost the signals. Since these devices serve the same purpose, you can simply ask for a Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi booster and you will get the same thing. Another factor to keep in mind is the types of devices. There are several types of signal-boosting devices. However, their internal functionality is a little different, which impacts the range, their capacity, their size, and the way they are activated.

How Does A Wi-Fi Extender Works?

Wi-Fi extender is generally small and wireless. However, you might get a few extenders that require both a power outlet and an Ethernet wire. However, generally, extenders are just like portable chargers that can be plugged into the power outlet and they work just fine. After plugging your extenders into the socket, it takes the original signals and re-broadcasts them on various channels. You will have a different network name that will boost signals in different parts of the home.

6 Reasons You Need a Wi-Fi Extender

1-   You have a huge home

People who have big houses generally have higher and thicker walls. With every wall, the signals keep getting weaker and weaker. Eventually, the rooms that are located on the other side receive little to no signals. The signals in that region are either weak, or you have a complete signals blackout. In the era of technology, a signal dead zone means you have lost contact with the world.

On the contrary, getting a new connection for every place can bore a hole in your pocket. This is the reason you need a good Wi-Fi-extender.

2-   You need Wi-Fi signals in your backyard

We all are familiar with the famous Kardashian line “You are going to die anyway, might as well die with a good Snapchat going through.”

Well, technically Khloe is right. When you are enjoying some leisure time in your backyard or you feel like staying close to nature while working from home, you need good Wi-Fi signals.

During the work-from-home session when sitting in closed walls seems like a burden, a good Wi-Fi extender can help you work anywhere you want. 

3-   You have a dedicated office space at home

Most people have dedicated office space at home, which is a little secluded for sake of silence since it is essential for productivity.

Usually, people have to choose between strong signals in the living room or the office. However, with Wi-Fi extenders, you can easily enjoy full Wi-Fi signal coverage in both the office and living room.

4-   You like to enjoy Netflix in every home

Most people like to watch Netflix on their phones. But, moving from one room to another means you need to compromise on the signal quality. With Wi-Fi extenders, you can have wall-to-wall signal coverage in your full home. This will enable you to watch videos, enjoy Netflix, or relish live streaming anywhere you go.

5-   You like to watch recipes while you cook

Many people are not adept at cooking so they watch cooking videos that they can follow. However, you also need to make sure that your kitchen has perfect signal coverage; otherwise, you will spend a lot of time buffering the video while your dinner is ruined. With a Wi-Fi extender, you can have good signal strength so you can easily watch videos no matter where you go.

6-   You want to connect more people and more devices

With a huge family and more devices to connect, you might feel like you are struggling with conn ectivity. However, Wi-Fi extenders use the signals from the existing router and divide them across multiple channels. This helps in dividing the workload so more people can connect their devices simultaneously without facing weak signals. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, a Wi-Fi extender is a very good way to boost the signals without paying extra for the upgraded bundle or extra router. However, while purchasing the Wi-Fi extender you need to make sure you have the extender that suits your needs.

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