What is a Sissy Squat Machine

What is a sissy squat?

       A sissy squat is a quadricep focusing on practice that spotlights on inclining in reverse and twisting from the knee to accomplish the lower part of the position, as opposed to pivoting from the hips and plunking down like in a customary squat.

       The sissy squat machine is extraordinarily hard to accomplish unsupported, so it frequently depends on a straightforward piece of pack that keeps the feet and calves set up. This assists with your equilibrium which is typically what impedes the ideal sissy squat.

Principles of Sissy Squat Machine:

       One of the principal highlights of the sissy squat is that you can recline with certainty as the seat grasps your calves and lower legs. This implies you’re secure and can really push your weight back as you squat.

This as well as rather than simply doing a customary squat, you can really go right down into a sit up position. You then force your quads and centre to take your full weight when you return up, making it a genuine executioner on your foremost chain.

This exercise is perfect for such countless reasons –

They assist you with developing your hip flexors – which is a truly interesting region to target however will truly help you on the off chance that you can reinforce these up.

They’re perfect for building muscle – doing sissy squats will assist you with getting that tear thigh shape you’ve been searching for.

They’re productive – sissy squats are a compound activity, so they assist you with focusing on a few regions in one go.

You can utilise them to advance – sissy squat seats permit you to do sissy squats with a hand weight so you can advance your quad gains while remaining secure.

They work your centre – you can work your abs considerably more seriously than with ordinary squats which is another extraordinary advantage.

How to Do Sissy Squat:

Set-Up and Hardware:

           Snatch a block or a stage that is around 3 inches high (basically whatever can hold your weight and won’t move while you’re playing out the activity is fine, a free weight or a weighted plate would work). This will assist you with keeping your lower legs raised all through the development.

Beginning Position:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width separated, with your impact points raised on a block or a stage.
  2. Your toes ought to be on the floor, pointing straight advances.
  3. Put your hands on your hips.
  4. Twist your knees marginally and slant your body in reverse so there is a straight line from your knees to your neck.
  5. Draw in your centre, it will assist with keeping your body straight.


  1. Bring down your body into a squat by bowing your knees and inclining your body in reverse.
  2. Squat as low as possible without losing your equilibrium.
  3. Stand firm on the footing for 3 seconds.Check here for more info https://lumbuy.com/find-the-best-sissy-squat-machine-for-your-gym/.

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