Sort your fooding woes with these 10 restaurant suggestions

The beautiful coastal city of Puri is located in the equally magnificent city of Odisha and houses the 12th-century Jagannath Temple, one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites for Hindus. Puri is also famous for being an important part of the “Krishna Pilgrimage Circuit”. The pilgrimage city Puri finds visitors almost all year round and especially during the famous Rath Yatra where the deities are taken out of the shrine and taken on a chariot around the city. However, the temples are not the only famous thing about Puri. The unique food taste and the various eateries also add equal charm to this splendid heritage city. Enjoy Puri in all its glory this season by reading on to find out how to have the best food experience in this city. 

Where and what to eat in Puri:

  1. Chung Wah Restaurant:

The Chung Wah Restaurant is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Treebo Hotels Puri, Bali Sahi, offering a fine dining experience in a traditional Chinese style. Their special dishes include seafood offerings like prawn curry, delectable soups and dumplings. This is your go-to option if you are craving some seafood or any type of non-vegetarian delicacies.

  1. Wildgrass Restaurant:

A favourite of many, the Wildgrass Restaurant provides guests with the ultimate non-vegetarian options in Puri. The restaurant is located in Beach Area, VIP Road. Their seafood too is much appreciated while their ghee rice along with mutton and prawn curry has found many fans from those visiting the city. 

  1. Dalma Puri:

The restaurant Dalma Puri is located on VIP Road and offers guests a great ambience alongside a traditional Odiya thali that is to die for. They also serve Dalma, a traditional dish which is a curry made out of dal and vegetables. It is also served as part of the Chhappan Bhog in the temples of the city, the most famous being the Jagannath Temple. 

  1. Agarwal’s Pure Veg Restaurant:

Agarwal’s Pure Veg Restaurant is a restaurant offering guests sumptuous vegetarian options. Furthermore, they also provide food without garlic and onion. Famous desserts like Rasgulla and Chenna Poda which is Puri’s own cheesecake, are some popular options you can try out.

  1. The Gajapati:

With plenty of South and North Indian food options, The Gajapati is a popular restaurant for all the right reasons. It is located on C.T Road in Puri and has murals depicting the history of the Gajapati rulers. Some of the items the restaurant is popular for include Puri-sabzi, Aloo Paratha, and Chicken Omelette. The restaurant serves delicious South Indian fare as well like Idli and Vada among others. 

  1. Two States:

Two States by Kanika is a restaurant located on Chakratirtha Road in Puri, Odisha and a popular one amongst locals and tourists alike. The restaurant is known for the authentic Bengali and Odiya thali being served. So trying this is a must when visiting Puri. 

  1. Pink House:

The Pink House restaurant is located off C.T Road, Puri and is right next to the beach. The ambience and decor of this restaurant are splendid while the hospitality offered is a class apart. If delicious seafood and an overall beach vibe are what you are looking for in this city of Puri, then Pink House restaurant should not be missed. Some popular food items served include prawn salt and pepper, butter-fried crab, and Fish Mayan Pukum among other non-vegetarian items. 

  1. Fusion:

This restaurant is located on Chakratirtha Road in Puri and at a moderate price you get sumptuous meals. The ambience is great and the food even greater. It is close to the beach as well. Their Kababs, Biryani and Phirni are their most famous dishes along with their South Indian food options like Idli and Dosa. Seafood options like prawns are delicious as well. 

  1. New Parijat Restaurant:

The New Parijat Restaurant is extremely close to the beach where guests can enjoy food and a nice ambience. The price is reasonable, and the food is very satisfying. They serve multiple vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. Their South Indian dishes like Dosa, Sambhar and Uttappam are popular. 

  1. Peace Restaurant:

Peace Restaurant is located on the busy Chakratirtha Road in Puri and offers great food options. The cost is economical and they have great variety in their thali options. Their Bengali and Odiya delicacies are to die for, while their fish and seafood dishes are equally delicious and famous. 

Special Mentions:

There are a few more dishes that Puri, Odisha is known for. It includes Khichdi, a dish made out of rice, lentils and vegetables and though this dish is popular all over India, in Odisha it is known as Pariba Khechudi and famously served in Jagannath Temple. There are a variety of other food items served in Jagannath Temple that is especially found in Odisha and that includes Malpua, pancakes dipped in sweet syrup, Dalma, a chickpea dal cooked with vegetables and raw papaya, and Santula among others. 

When visiting a city and you know no one there, finding good places to eat can be a great hassle. Usually one is excited about travelling to different places not just for the different cultures and sights but also for a different variety of cuisines that the city may offer. Therefore, this article is meant to guide you on the city’s where and what in terms of food; the most famous eateries and their popular dishes. Indeed, terrible food can be a huge holiday dampener but with this guide, you can be sure of avoiding this tragedy and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. 

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