Riesling Wine: All That You Must Know 

Most people enjoy a glass of wine tasting adelaide when they catch up with their friends. It relaxes them and gives them a sense of pleasure. Wine is also consumed as an alternative to water, and it provides a warm and cosy feel.

Wine doesn’t have a high alcohol content, but it’s advisable to drink only a moderate amount. Meanwhile, Riesling wine is a popular, refreshing, floral white wine enjoyed by people worldwide. It originated in Germany, and Riesling grapes are used to make this wine. And today, it is made in countries like Austria, France and Australia. 

Two-thirds of wine produced in Germany is white, and Riesling contributes to 20% of the white wine. Riesling is available in various styles, from bone dry to sparkling. Though it pairs well with all food types, its high acidity content makes it a good choice for spicy cuisines, light fish and sweet desserts. Besides, Riesling is a white wine that develops a distinct aroma and matures with age. Also, the best cellar door hunter valley ones have notes of apricot, peach, apple and lemon. 

Characteristics of Riesling Grapes

Riesling grapes have a round shape, green skin and moderate size. They are delicate in texture and nature, and while harvesting, they are handled with great care to prevent bruising and crushing of the skin. The sweetness or dryness, and flavour of the grapes depend on the location and soil of the vineyard. Meanwhile, Riesling grapes come under four categories and they are sweet Riesling, dry Riesling, semi-sweet Riesling and Sparkling Riesling.

Riesling Classification

In Germany, wine is classified according to its quality. As such, the wine served within the country is called table wine, also known as Tafelwein or Landwein. Good quality wine sent to other countries is of better quality and is categorised as Qualitätswein and Prädikatswein. Qualitatswein has a minimum of 7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and ranges from bone dry to semi-sweet. Meanwhile, Pradikatswein ranges from completely dry to super sweet.

So different types of Pradikatswein are:

  • Kabinett (bone dry to off-dry)
  • Spatlese (sweet)
  • Auslese (sweeter)
  • Beerenauslese (very sweet)
  • Trockenbeerenauslese (sweetest)
  • Eiswein (ice wine)

Ice wine is made from frozen grapes, while grapes naturally freeze on the vine to concentrate the sugar content in the grapes. They are harvested and processed in a frozen state to yield a wine with a deep and fruity flavour. As such, notable producers of ice wine are Germany, Austria and Canada. 

Characteristics of the Wine

Riesling is intensely aromatic and smells like apricot, peach, apple, pear, pineapple and lime. It also has aromas like honey, ginger and citrus blossom. Meanwhile, an unusual aroma of Riesling is the gasoline-like “petrol” smell. The high acidity content of Riesling makes it a perfect summer drink, and it cleanses the palate, making it ideal to be paired with any food. Besides, it ages well and tastes the best for 20 years best cellar door hunter valley.

Benefits of Consumption 

Riesling is a white wine, and white wine doesn’t have a high antioxidant count like red wine, but it has its own health benefits. For instance, the phenols in white wine have comparable amounts of antioxidants. White wine consumption is also associated with antioxidative and antiatherogenic effects. Riesling has high amounts of antioxidants like gallic acid and hydroxytyrosol, and German Rieslings have lower alcohol content than other wines, and wine enthusiasts can drink them during the day. They are light and crisp and do not have the rich buttery taste of the other white wines.

Riesling wine is famous among white wine lovers because of its ethereal and enchanting floral flavours. It is one of the most sought after wines by connoisseurs globally. Also, dry Riesling is a perfect choice for several types of food ranging from Asian and fusion cuisine to pork and chicken dishes.

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