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Skin sags and becomes crepey or wrinkled as a normal part of the ageing process. The skin’s natural capacity to create elastin and collagen, two proteins essential to maintaining the skin’s suppleness and resilience, declines with age.

Radiofrequency energy, ultrasound, and other types of lasers are just some of the non-invasive methods developed for tightening the skin on the face and body. Although these procedures aren’t invasive, they require medical oversight and the expertise of a registered specialist like mybodi clinics Hurstville.

More people in Hurstville are turning to non-surgical skin tightening procedures to save incisions and recovery time. Thermage and Ultraformer III are two examples of procedures that use radiofrequency or ultrasound to treat the skin’s deeper layers. This procedure helps tighten up the skin’s natural collagen and encourages the production of new collagen, providing a more youthful, radiant appearance. It is also said that this was Margot Robbie’s Barbie Skin Routine.


Increased elasticity and buoyancy

Tightening treatments for the skin assist in toning and firming the skin, which in turn helps to clarify facial features and create a more sculpted figure. Collagen is tightened, and the skin is made firmer by this process.


Tightening the skin in this way encourages collagen formation, which is why facelifts include surgically removing a layer of skin. Effectively plumping the skin fills in creases and folds for a younger, smoother appearance.


Unlike surgical procedures, skin tightening in Hurstville does not cause abnormal skin stretching. The body’s regeneration mechanisms are utilised instead, drastically lowering the likelihood of complications after treatment. After two to six months, you can see the effects of a single treatment, and they can persist for years. Consistent care is key to keeping your results looking great.

There should be absolutely no downtime!

Resuming normal activities immediately after undergoing a non-surgical treatment in Hurstville is possible because there is no recovery period involved. Those who can’t miss work and are looking for a less invasive, less painful option to surgery can benefit greatly from this therapy modality.


Collagen, stimulated by skin tightening treatments, helps pull the skin together and slows the ageing process. There is an immediate and ongoing tightening of the skin following treatment.



Micro-focused ultrasound speeds the skin up to 5 mm below the surface. Wrinkles on the face, neck, and chest may be reduced when loose skin is pulled together and lifted.

Treatment with radio waves.

A portable device provides heat, like ultrasound skin tightening to stimulate collagen formation in the skin. The epidermis is the outermost layer of skin, and it is the target of radiofrequency instead than the more profound layers like they are with ultrasound. The Food and Drug Administration has given its blessing for its use on the face, neck, torso, and hands. There is a possibility to reach deeper layers of skin with a combination of RF and micro-needling treatments. In both cases, progress is subtle at first.

Although many patients in Hurstville report improvement after the first RF treatment, other patients may require as many as six sessions. The appropriate skincare routine can extend the effects for up to three years.

Surgical procedure with a laser.

Here, portable lasers damage the epidermis to get to the dermis, the deeper layer of skin. The skin on the stomach and upper arms has responded very well to laser treatments. Three to five treatments are often given.

It may take up to six months for the full effects of your ultrasound therapy to become apparent.

Different methods of skin tightening are available at mybodi clinics Hurstville.

The treatments are well accepted by the patients, who often report feeling warm and comfortable.

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