5 Tried & Tested Marketing Strategies for Your Print Shop 

Is your new print shop not making the impact you expected?

Perhaps you have been in business for some time and are struggling to remain relevant. 

Either way, the right marketing strategies can transform your brand and knock your competitors right out of the water. 

From email marketing that is low-cost and highly effective to social media marketing that can help introduce your business to a whole new audience, read on to discover five tried and tested marketing strategies that guarantee to revolutionize your print shop. 

  1. Search engine optimization 

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a digital marketing strategy that involves optimizing any content you create with relevant keywords. These keywords make it easier for search engines such as Google and searchers to find your web pages. 

The process of SEO can seem daunting at first, but there are lots of online tools that you can use to help you get started, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, both of which are free to use and easy to navigate. 

  1. Social media

Social media marketing is a must for any print shop brand, enabling you to reach new audiences and engage with your target audience. 

As well as making sure you have business profiles on all the most popular social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you also need to ensure you post high-quality content consistently. Avoid posting overly sales-focused content and instead focus on providing added value for your target audience. 

  1. Emails

Email marketing offers one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your printing business. It can be used to provide information on new products or services, promotions, and sale events and to showcase your expertise within your industry. 

To make the most of an email marketing campaign, you first need to collate a list of email addresses. Next, you need to think carefully about what you want to say in the emails that you send out. Personalization works extremely well, as do timely offers and promotions, but make sure you don’t discount for discounting’s sake

  1. Content creation  

Content marketing involves creating content such as website copy, blogs, articles, downloadables, videos, e-books, how-to guides, and pretty much any other type of online content that you can think of. 

Perfect for driving organic (free) traffic to your website, anyone can get started creating content with little to no experience or expertise. For best results, look to create consistent, authentic, and relevant content. 

  1. Sponsorships 

Sponsorship marketing is when two brands come together to promote their businesses. This marketing technique can work very well for those in the printing industry as it allows you to build your reputation and set yourself apart from your competitors. 

Sponsorship marketing can also help to boost brand awareness, cement brand positioning and increase brand authority. When choosing what event to sponsor, make sure you select something that directly aligns with your brand, its mission, and its values. 

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